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Top 10 Super Mario games of all-time


Seeing as Super Mario Run managed to single-handedly shake up the mobile gaming market, it’s the perfect time to have a look back over the top ten Mario games of all-time!


Super Mario Bros


Few games have contributed so much to the industry as this 1985 classic. The sideways scrolling adventures may have similarities with other games of the era, but it was the progressive gameplay that subtly rewarded the user that made this a world-beater.


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Enjoy Rummy online and win big prizes

Online gaming has evolved in the last few years like anything and since then there is no looking back. With each passing day, we can witness new gaming websites being launched with fresh and improved games. With technology improving each day, we get to witness exciting games (especially Super Mario games) with amazing features... (you’ve seen the trailer for Super Mario Odyssey right?) It is no longer easy to turn yourself away from these attractive online games and once you start playing online, it is really addictive. If you need a breather from your everyday activities, one simply needs to go online and play a game to refresh themselves. With so many options and millions of games, online people often get confused which game to try. One would easily find sports games, card games, action games, combat games and much more. However, since decades, card games have always been popular and these days, people prefer card games as they can even try their skills and win real cash.

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Super Mario Run is finally here!

Super Mario Run is finally here


It’s the moment that all Nintendo fans have been waiting for - this month marks the long-awaited arrival of Mario on our mobiles.


Super Mario Run has been released for iOS devices, and whilst it’s uncertain when Android gamers will get to join in the fun, it’s expected to get a universal release in 2017.  So what do initial reports state about Nintendo’s first proper mobile gaming release? Much of the focus of the early reviews is about how the gameplay has been simplified to make Super Mario Run enjoyable on a touchscreen smartphone.


With just the swipe of a finger, we can now all make Mario jump, avoid enemies and even capture the flagpole in a way that will make those clunky console controllers seem very old-fashioned.


And there are a range of different gaming modes to enjoy with Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder helping to ensure that this title might have a longer shelf-life than Pokémon Go.

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Super Mario Run: Nintendo have now confirmed a release date for 151 countries!

Super Mario Run


We've finally got a release date for Super Mario Run, the first Mario game exclusively for mobile devices (Never thought I'd see the day). The game is released on December 15th in 151 countries and will be free to have a play with for a few levels however in line with the trend of our day there will be a $9.99 (or local equivalent) price tag via in app-purchase if you want to play through more than just a few levels.


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What today's E3 2014 presentation revealed for fans of the Mario series

E3 2014 - Mario and Nintendo related announcements

Wow did E3 2014 come around quickly, I was still reeling from Mario Kart 8's release! if like myself you missed out on seeing this live I've got a recap of today's coverage for you.


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Photos of the Nintendo & GameStop Mario Kart 8 event at the Charlotte Speedway NASCAR Races!

The design of the GameStop sponsored Mario Kart 8 themed car


So we mentioned that there will be a GameStop sponsored Mario Kart 8 themed car driven by Matt Kenseth at the Charlotte Speedway NASCAR races this weekend? Well, there was! Check out the photos of the MK8 presence at the event below. Alternatively if you don't enjoy Nascar or Mario Kart 8 and would prefer a Mario slot game you can take a look at the big jackpots available at Royal Vegas casino.

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