Mario & Sonic at London 2012 Olympic Games (3DS) Artwork of both Team Mario & Team Sonic
Rendered Artwork

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Group and Supporting Art

Mario and Sonic With Stadium In Background

Mario and Sonic posing at the stadium.


The characters

Team Mario on the left, and Team Sonic on the right.


Mario And Sonic Running

Mario and Sonic racing. I can only see one winner.


Team Mario character artwork

Bowser Jr On Trampoline

Bowser Jr doing a backflip.


Bowser Throwing Javelin

Bowser throwing a Javelin.

Donkey Kong Throwing Hammer

Donkey Kong throwing the hammer, which looks very unhammerlike.

Luigi With Relay

Luigi running during a relay race, ready to pass the baton.

Mario With Javelin

Mario preparing to throw the Javelin.


Diasy Playing Volleyball

Princess Daisy preparing to strike a volleyball.

Waluigi With Gun Mario Playing Badminton
Waluigi with a gun, I'm hoping its just the race-start gun. Mario playing badminton

Wario Swimming

Wario takes a dive.


Yoshi Running Hurdles

Yoshi jumping over a hurdle.


Team Sonic character art

Amy Rose Playing Ballet Amy Rose Riding Horse
Amy Rose Amy Rose riding her horse
Blaze The Cat PLying Ballet Dr Eggman Playing Grass Hockey
Blaze the Cat Dr. Eggman playing hockey
Metal Sonic Throwing Discus Metal Sonic Playing Grass Hockey
Metal Sonic Metal Sonic playing hockey

Miles Tails Prower on bicycle

Shadow The Hedgehog
Tails riding a bike Shadow running
Silver The Hedgehog Playing Handball Shadow The Hedgehog Playing Basketball
Silver throwing a ball Shadow playing basketball
Sonic With Football Ball Vector The Crocodile Kayaker
Sonic with three medals Vector with his oar ready to kayak

Dr Eggman Long Jumping

Dr. Eggman jumping


Knuckles the Echidna playing football

Knuckles kicks the "Soccer" ball


Miles Tails Prower Playing Table Tennis

Tails playing table tennis.


Silver the Hedgehog Gymnast

Silver doing gymnastics


Sonic Fencing

Sonic with his fencing sword.


Vector the Crocodile weight lifting

Vector lifting weights

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