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Please feel free to use either the link text "Super Luigi Bros" or the button below if you would like to link to http://www.superluigibros.com


If you chose to use the button, kindly add alt text to the button image that says "Super Luigi Bros - Mario & Luigi Mega Fan Site"


Would you like to exchange links with us? Those who have gaming websites, we prefer those covering Nintendo in general or a Nintendo series of games like Mario, Donkey Kong, etc. Please contact us (luke AT classic-mario DOT net) and share us your site. Listed below are our current affiliate sites:


Mario Bros. Fan sites

Mario Monsters - A site specializing in profiles and information about all of the enemies and monsters from the Super Mario Bros series of games.

Mario Party Legacy - Mario Party news, reviews, videos, trailers, previews, screens, guides, cheat codes, and many more!

Super Mario 128 Central - is a full-blown Mario information vault, with reviews, free downloads, tons of news, and of course, the famous E-Mailbag!

Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive

Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive - The definitive source for information on The Mario Bros. The Movie and even its making feature interviews with some of the cast and production team.

The Mushroom Kingdom - Super Mario Bros. information and downloads. It covers all Mario games and cameos from 1981 to the present. Containing Mariopedia, multimedia, tips, and codes.

The Bowser Shrine - The largest fan site dedicated to King Bowser Koopa on the internet featuring loads of cool content including renders, images, info and artwork all about the worlds most sinister reptile.


Gaming and Review sites

Video Game Critic - Since 1999, posting concise video game reviews with historical perspective for all consoles from classic (Atari, NES, Genesis) to modern (360, PS4, 3DS)


General Nintendo Fan sites

button Animal Crossing Portal - Featuring the latest animal crossing news, an animal crossing forum and a friendly discord server.

Eyes on Nintendo - A popular German Nintendo news, reviews and community site.

FlyingOmelette.com - Retro Video Game Reviews, Humor, Shrines, Oddities, Trivia, Music, and The RAU Gallery.
SuperPhilip Central - SuperPhillip Central is your place for original reviews, thoughtful editorials, top ten and five lists, and more all relating to gaming.


Pokemon Fan sites

None yet? Want to exchange a link? get in touch!


Zelda Fan sites

Hyrule - Zelda is what we are about. Lots of Zelda information and a vast forum. From The Legend of Zelda to Spirit Tracks. We have it all: Phantom Hourglass, Twilight Princess, Walkthroughs, Fan Fiction, Hyrule Online, forum, and many, many more.


Sonic the Hedgehog Fan sites

The Sonic Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog has been immortalized in just about every way all through the years. This site’s main purpose is to bring Sonic fans the Sonic media that they may have never gotten the chance to experience. What we want is that to let the fans of the franchise know everything about the many Sonic storylines. This is our way of doing that. New media is always added as there is almost 2 decades worth of it out there.


Fire Emblem Fan sites

Tanas Manor - Contains Fire Emblem™ news and reference for every game in the series.

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