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Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) - Enemy list

Standard Enemies

  • Blooper: Looks kinda like a white octopus, it also comes in pink later on, chases Mario very quickly in water.

  • Boo Buddy: This is a small stealthy ghost, when your looking it it's direction it stays still, but if you turn away it flies at you with a menacing grin.

  • Boom-Boom: Fortresses in SMB3 all contain a Boom-Boom, it's as strong as a Koopa Kid, and takes 3 hits to kill

  • Boomerang Bros.: Close relatives of the Hammer Bros. These guys throw boomerangs instead of hammers and are completely green

  • Bob-omb: This little round bomb is a lot more deadly than he looks, he'll try to explode next to mario

  • Bullet Bill: This is a projectile rocket shot at high speed from a cannon in the direction of Mario

  • Buster Beetle: Pretty mean little guy, hurls blocks and whatever else he can get his little hands on at Mario

  • Buzzy Beetle: Using fire vs this little guy will do you no good, when you jump on him he'll become a shell

  • Cannon Ball: Fired from the airships cannons

  • Chain Chomp: A black cannonball with teeth, full of anger, but chained down to a block - keep your distance

  • Cheep Cheep: Cheep Cheeps are known to bite mario in water, and even jump out to attack him in some cases

  • Dry Bones: The skeleton of a turtle, cannot be defeated permanently, can be knocked into a pile of bones by jumping on him though, resistant to fire.

  • Fire Bros.: Another relative of the Hammer and Boomerang Bros, these guys use fire as their attack, in my opinion the deadliest of the brothers.

  • Fire Chomp: Similar to a chain chomp, but not chained, this guy will throw fire, until he is empty, he'll then explode.

  • Fire Snake: Lots of little fireballs bouncing about behind one larger one

  • Giant Green Koopa Paratroopa: This large green bouncing turtle is found in World 4 of SMB3

  • Giant Green Koopa Troopa: This large green turtle is found in World 4 of SMB3

  • Giant Piranha Plant: This is a giant version of the Piranha plant and is found in World 4 of SMB3

  • Giant Red Koopa Troopa: A big red turtle in World 4

  • Green Koopa Paratroopa: Hopping Koopa troopa with wings

  • Green Koopa Troopa: Regular turtle, with MANY colored and super-sized cousins.

  • Goomba: Regular walking brown guy. A basic enemy.

  • Goomba-in-a-block:A micro-goomba in a block that leaps at Mario

  • Grand Goomba: Large Goomba found in World 4 of SMB3

  • Hammer Bros.: Giant, standing turtles that throw hammers

  • Hot foot: A candle flame that chases Mario

  • Jelectro: Unmoving, electric jellyfish found in the water

  • Kuribo's Goomba: A Goomba in a Kuribo's shoe

  • Lakitu: A floating Koopa in a cloud that throws spiny's or spiny shells.

  • Lava Lotus: Clear, gelatin like, underwater plant that shoots 5 fireballs

  • Micro-goomba: A tiny, 8x8 pixel goomba. Usually with other regular goombas

  • Mini-bloober: A small baby blooper that follows a nanny blooper

  • Missile Bill: A Bullet Bill that changes direction to follow you. Flashes red.

  • Muncher: Small, black, unmoving chompers. Unbeatable

  • Nipper Plant(AKA Walking Piranha Plant's): Small white munchers that can move and leap at Mario

  • Para-beetle Flying red shelled beetle that you can ride on

  • Para-goomba: A hopping goomba with wings

  • Podoboo: A fireball that shoots from the lava in dungeons

  • Ptooie Plant: A walking Piranha Plant that shoots a spiked ball up and down

  • Red Koopa Paratroopa: Floating Koopa troopa with wings

  • Red Koopa Troopa: A turtle that walks back and forth.

  • Rocket Engine: White cylinders that blast bursts of flame. Found on airships.

  • Rocky Wrench: A small rodent that pops from holes and throws wrenches.

  • Roto-disk: A red glowing disk that rotates around a block. Can be beaten with the Tanooki Suit.

  • Sledge Bros.: Huge hammer bros. whose stomp stops Mario in his tracks.

  • Spike: A green creature that throws Spike-Balls

  • Spiny: small koopa troopa with spikes on it's back

  • Spiny Cheep Cheep: A spiny backed cheep-cheep

  • Spiny egg: thrown by Lakitu. Turn to spinies when they hit the ground

  • Stretch:Long white block with boo buddies heads popping out

  • Thwomp: Large cinder block that tries to crush Mario when he runs by.

  • Venus Fire Trap: A piranha plant that shoots fire


  • Bowser: King of the Koopas. Breathes fire & jumps on you. Final boss in World 8

  • Iggy Koopa: The "weird" Koopa Kid. Boss of World 4

  • Larry Koopa: The youngest Koopa Kid. Boss of World 1

  • Lemmy Koopa: Crazy, circus Koopa Kid. Boss of World 6

  • Ludwig von Koopa: The genius of the Koopa family. Boss of World 7

  • Morton Koopa Jr.: The Koopa Kid with the black & white split face. Boss of World 2

  • Roy Koopa: Bully Koopa Kid with sunglasses. Boss of world 5.

  • Wendy Koopa: The only female Koopa Kid. Throws rings. Boss of World 3.

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