Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Walkthrough & Guide: Intro
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Walkthrough: Intro
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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a tactical turned based RPG ( Role Playing Game ). The game is similar to games like Final Fantasy Tactics a classic game on the PSX or original Sony Playstation. It also has very similar ideas to a newer series in gaming called XCOM. However, there are many huge twist compared to the latter two games.

In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, you will get gorgeous graphics, Primary and Secondary Unique Weaponry. Skills and Techniques as well as a list of Eight current playable characters all with unique weapons, traits and more! The game is jam packed with wonderful graphics, Nintendo-Ubisoft Charm and tons of Unlockables. It is an amazing game to do a guide on! Even if your looking for some good capture card footage this game is for you!

This game has a very original feel too it and the Combat System gets rather deep and intriguing. You must plan your attacks and moves. There are rewards for gaining gold or perfects on each and every level. There is exploration, classic Mario style coin chasing and puzzle solving. All of these things are done in a very unique and fresh way. I am enjoying it greatly and as my readers and subscribers know, I don't write guides on bad games. This one seems like a keeper, stay tuned for updates daily - Codebreak

For starting players, wondering a few questions about where to unlock items and weapons. Know that after beating Level 1-2 and rescuing Toadette you will receive the option to return to Princess Peach's Castle. You may do this at anytime from this point onward. At peaches castle you can change weapons, replay levels, and see all collectibles. Much more gets unlocked as you progress. Importantly you can now change weapons before a fight after finding Toadette in world 1-2 and visiting Peach's Castle for the first time.

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Challenges are another thing to take note of. If you have visited the Washing Machine at Peach's Castle. The player should know that challenges are unlocked only once the entire story mode has been completed. Importantly again, to save the players time and trouble, you have access to many more abilities earlier on at the Washing Machine. In story mode it may take some time to progress to other characters and their weapons/moves.

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