How Blockchain Is Changing The Gaming Landscape
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Blockchain gaming

It's staggering to think that gaming has gone from enthusiasts packed into arcades like sardines to home consoles like the Nintendo 64 to professional video gaming tournaments that sell out arenas worldwide in just over half a century. These constant changes have meant that those who work in the laboratory of the sector, designing games and stories and implementing the latest graphic designs, are constantly fighting a battle on all fronts.

Not only are they ensuring that they stay ahead of other game designers, but they're continually having to establish ways to use disruptive innovations to enhance the gaming experience for their users.


What Is Blockchain Gaming?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming is a broad spectrum, and it continues to enlarge as more eyes and money focus on the sector. Metaverse gaming, Play To Earn games (P2E), and cryptocurrency casinos are individual aspects of the blockchain gaming sector, and we'll examine each to indicate how much creativity and enterprise currently reside within the flourishing niche gaming industry. Each brings its own unique qualities and has its burgeoning customer base.


Cryptocurrency Casino Gaming

Blockchain gaming simply refers to any game that uses pioneering innovation in its game design. The blockchain uses advanced cryptography to ensure each block is unique and securely registers and records each transaction. This invalidates a requirement for a central bank to oversee the transaction. Cryptocurrency casinos soon became aware of how this could benefit them by advertising a service that isn't disrupted via dated traditional financial systems.

Any deposit you make to a cryptocurrency casino is validated on the blockchain. It means infinite proof exists of your payment, and you don't need to worry about providing extensive personal details or sensitive PayPal, banking, or credit card information to proceed. Once you have connected your wallet to the server of the casino site, you can begin playing immediately, just as you can at a traditional casino. Bitcoin games are the latest in a long line of immense blossoming headway that the casino industry is spearheading.

However, none of these innovations would be possible without the blockchain, which is the foundation that makes cryptocurrency casino games so accessible. Any wager you place is recorded publicly on the blockchain, which also helps combat any issues arising from your deposit, but such circumstances are rare. Whichever way you look at it, there's no denying that cryptocurrency casinos maximize what the blockchain offers. It's clear why they're continuing to grow as a unique, fresh concept.


P2E Gaming

Ten years ago, the idea that you could earn money by playing a game would be a fallacy. However, P2E gaming helps players farm in-game tokens, rewarding them for many achievements within the gaming world. P2E games also help gamers understand how NFTs work and how you can buy them in-game as a store of value, medium to long-term investment, or as genuine proof of ownership. For retro gamers, ardent Nintendo fans, and those who can remember the early days of Nintendo and other big names in gaming, even internet gaming was a long way off 30 years ago. However, now you can play against people online, farm your cryptocurrency, store NFTs on a P2E game, and generate tokens, converting them to real cash.

The most exciting element of P2E gaming is that it is one of the newest innovations in blockchain gaming, with pioneers receiving millions of dollars in investment from venture capitalists and some experts believing this is the area that could see the most significant growth in blockchain gaming over the next decade.


Metaverse Gaming

When Mark Zuckerberg abruptly announced the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, the price of specific Metaverse-based tokens headed to the stratosphere. Although there have been some teething problems, to say the least, Zuckerburg, one of the most successful digital business operators of all time, clearly identifies the phenomenal prospect of the Metaverse.

Gamers in the Metaverse can collect NFTs and cryptocurrencies, and there is a crossover with P2E as they both use the blockchain as the springboard and focal point of their design. Although VR has a long way to go before it penetrates and crosses over into public use, if or when it does, Metaverse gaming will be at the forefront to sell the idea to a mass audience.


Final Thoughts

The most prominent names in game design operate on a level that doesn't need to worry about the emergence of blockchain gaming, at least not yet. Companies like Rockstar are rumored to incorporate an element of farming cryptocurrency in the next installment of Grand Theft Auto, but that is yet to be confirmed.

However, traditional game designers will inevitably look at the growing audience and identify ways to use this ever-increasing, pioneering blockchain technology to their advantage.

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