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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Release dates

Australia November 18th, 2004
Europe November 12th, 2004
Japan July 22nd, 2004
N.America October 11th, 2004


General information

Platform: GameCube

Developed by Intelligent Systems

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player



The Story

Hello Mario! I am travelling in the Mushroom Kingdom for a holiday.

Well, in my travels, I’ve got a box with a mystical map, oh actually it is a treasure map. I got it from an old merchant in a town called Rogueport.

I thought you could help me hunt for it since it would be too difficult for me to try to go find the treasures all by myself. Of course you will help me, won't you?

Please bring the map with you when you come, I've included it in this letter. See you at Rogueport. (Well, this only means you MUST come!)


The story, continued after Mario reads Peach's letter.

Where had Peach gone? When Mario headed for Rogueport, where he knew she was waiting, and the princess was nowhere to be found!

So Mario decided to walk around town to look for her, yet he found himself in the middle of a muggy situation. Instead he ended up helping a sweet Goomba gal that was in trouble. She is Goombella, the girl claims that she is in the midst of her treasure hunting.

Goombella took Mario to see Professor Frankly, a wizened old archaeology professor and knows a lot about local legends, when Mario told her that he had a treasure map. According to Professor Frankly, they would have to find and collect first all of the seven Crystal Stars to be able to find the legendary treasure. Then that is the only time when they would be able to open the Thousand-Year Door, behind is where the treasure lays.

Fortunately, the map that Peach had sent to Mario was the very Magical Map that shows the locations of all the Crystal Stars! Then perhaps they will also find Peach upon following the Map.
What a grand adventure awaits Mario and his friends!

Interesting Facts

  • Paper Mario RPG as it is known in Japan
  • Set in a Paper Based versions of The Mushroom Kingdom
  • This is the Second game in the Paper Mario series
  • This is the Fourth game in the Mario RPG Series
  • Wins the award of "Role playing game of the year" year 2005 that is presented by Interactive Achievement Awards.
  • This game, Paper Mario The-Thousand Year door, was first make public at the Game Developers Conference of 2003
  • Cameo appearances of all of Mario's partners from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven stars were planned in this game but were withdrawn during the last minute, and the only left were Parakarry and Lady Bow.
  • Mario faced with a very similar situation to that of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars on the fifth chapter of the game.
  • Within a seaside setting, Mario and his buddies were originally after a star object from a Pirate. But later on, the pirates also joined forces with Mario’s group.



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