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Desktop Wallpapers from all of your favourite Mario games on the Gamecube, consisting of loads of high quality desktop wallpaper by Nintendo, in resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1200 - we have also tried to accommodate resolutions that may be in use by people with widescreen monitors and iPhones etc. If you have any wallpapers we are missing please do send them in, it doesn't have to be an official Nintendo wallpaper either, the work of fans is always more than welcome.


Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

Title Resolution Size
Mario 800x600 281kb
Mario 1024x768 508kb
Mario 1280x1024 714kb
Mario & Toad 800x600 306kb
Mario & Toad 1024x768 453kb
Mario & Toad 1280x1024 724kb
Toad 800x600 339kb
Toad 1024x768 481kb
Toad 1280x1024 686kb


Luigi's Mansion

Title Resolution Size
Mansion 640x480 57kb
Mansion 800x600 85kb
Mansion 1024x768 130kb


Mario Party 4

Title Resolution Size
Avalanche 800x600 157kb
Avalanche 1024x768 135kb
Butterfly Blitz 800x600 102kb
Butterfly Blitz 1024x768 154kb
Daisy 800x600 161kb
Daisy 1024x768 244kb
Donkey Kong 800x600 171kb
Donkey Kong 1024x768 259kb
Great Deflate 800x600 85kb
Great Deflate 1024x768 131kb
Group 800x600 109kb
Group 1024x768 165kb
Group (2) 800x600 106kb
Group (2) 1024x768 156kb
Hosts 800x600 167kb
Hosts 1024x768 251kb
Luigi 800x600 138kb
Luigi 1024x768 209kb
Mario 800x600 135kb
Mario 1024x768 206kb
Peach 800x600 145kb
Peach 1024x768 220kb
Waluigi 800x600 163kb
Waluigi 1024x768 246kb
Wario 800x600 137kb
Wario 1024x768 207kb
Yoshi 800x600 149kb
Yoshi 1024x768 225kb

Mario Party 5

Title Resolution Size
Boo 800x600 143kb
Boo 1024x768 334kb
Bowser 800x600 104kb
Bowser 1024x768 175kb
Donkey Kong 800x600 140kb
Donkey Kong 1024x768 191kb
Koopa Kid 800x600 170kb
Koopa Kid 1024x768 285kb
Luigi 800x600 116kb
Luigi 1024x768 157kb
Mario 800x600 91kb
Mario 1024x768 204kb
Mario (2) 800x600 126kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 126kb
Mario Party 5 800x600 195kb
Mario Party 5 1024x768 195kb
Waluigi 800x600 177kb
Waluigi 1024x768 400kb
Wario 800x600 114kb
Wario 1024x768 157kb

Mario Party 6

Title Resolution Size
Mario 1024x768 306kb
Brighton Twila 1024x768 421kb
Brighton Twila 1280x1024 591kb
Daisy 800x600 243kb
Daisy 1024x768 335kb
Daisy 1280x1024 478kb
Luigi 800x600 335kb
Luigi 1024x768 467kb
Luigi 1280x1024 676kb
Mario 800x600 273kb
Mario 1024x768 379kb
Mario 1280x1024 541kb
Mario (2) 800x600 328kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 458kb
Mario (2) 1280x1024 667kb
Peach 800x600 278kb
Peach 1024x768 389kb
Peach 1280x1024 566kb
Waluigi 800x600 318kb
Waluigi 1024x768 445kb
Waluigi 1280x1024 642kb
Wario 800x600 335kb
Wario 1024x768 469kb
Wario 1280x1024 672kb
Yoshi 800x600 345kb
Yoshi 1024x768 477kb
Yoshi 1280x1024 687kb

Mario Party 7

Title Resolution Size
Birdo and Dry Bones 800x600 65kb
Birdo and Dry Bones 1024x768 93kb
Birdo and Dry Bones 1280x1024 128kb
Mario Bros 800x600 72kb
Mario Bros 1024x768 104kb
Mario Bros 1280x1024 143kb
Gang 800x600 88kb
Gang 1024x768 128kb
Gang 1280x1024 179kb
Princesses 800x600 69kb
Princesses 1024x768 99kb
Princesses 1280x1024 138kb
Wario & Waluigi 800x600 76kb
Wario & Waluigi 1024x768 109kb
Wario & Waluigi 1280x1024 151kb
Yoshi & Toad 800x600 66kb
Yoshi & Toad 1024x768 94kb
Yoshi & Toad 1280x1024 130kb

Mario Power Tennis

Title Resolution Size
Bowser 800x600 97kb
Bowser 1024x768 222kb
Bowser 1280x1024 341kb
Donkey Kong 800x600 123kb
Donkey Kong 1024x768 172kb
Egg 800x600 125kb
Egg 1024x768 177kb
Egg (2) 800x600 126kb
Egg (2) 1024x768 186kb
Egg (3) 800x600 124kb
Egg (3) 1024x768 173kb
Mario 800x600 234kb
Mario 1024x768 474kb
Mario 1280x1024 734kb
Mario (2) 800x600 133kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 166kb
Mario (2) 1280x1024 218kb
Mario & Wario 800x600 117kb
Mario & Wario 1024x768 183kb
Mario & Wario 1280x1024 247kb
Peach 800x600 118kb
Peach 1024x768 409kb
Peach 1280x1024 609kb
Shyguy 800x600 157kb
Shyguy 1024x768 229kb
Waluigi 800x600 220kb
Waluigi 1024x768 472kb
Waluigi 1280x1024 784kb
Wario 800x600 203kb
Wario 1024x768 334kb
Wario 1280x1024 469kb
Yoshi 800x600 141kb
Yoshi 1024x768 211kb

Mario Superstar Baseball

Title Resolution Size
Mario 1024x768 378kb
Luigi 1024x768 357kb
Luigi 1280x1024 561kb
Luigi Pre-Release 800x600 182kb
Luigi Pre-Release 1024x768 247kb
Luigi Pre-Release 1280x1024 342kb
Mario 800x600 251kb
Mario 1024x768 384kb
Mario 1280x1024 608kb
Mario (2) 800x600 247kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 378kb
Mario (2) 1280x1024 575kb
Mario Pre-Release 800x600 180kb
Mario Pre-Release 1024x768 248kb
Mario Pre-Release 1280x1024 339kb
Peach 800x600 247kb
Peach 1024x768 376kb
Peach 1280x1024 611kb
Wario 800x600 226kb
Wario 1024x768 342kb
Wario 1280x1024 536kb
Yoshi 800x600 221kb
Yoshi 1024x768 335kb
Yoshi 1280x1024 531kb

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Title Resolution Size
Mario Bros. 800x600 246kb
Mario Bros. 1024x768 309kb
Mario Bros. 1280x1024 456kb
Mario Bros. 1440x900 433kb
Heated Race 800x600 149kb
Heated Race 1024x768 230kb
Heated Race 1280x1024 304kb
Kongs 800x600 230kb
Kongs 1024x768 281kb
Kongs 1280x1024 405kb
Kongs 1440x900 402kb
Mushroom Bridge 800x600 539kb
Mushroom Bridge 1024x768 841kb
Mushroom Bridge 1600x1200 2.09mb
Princesses 800x600 200kb
Princesses 1024x768 242kb
Princesses 1280x1024 370kb
Princesses 1440x900 360kb
Shell dodging 800x600 149kb
Shell dodging 1024x768 227kb
Shell dodging 1280x1024 353kb
Wario & Waluigi 800x600 203kb
Wario & Waluigi 1024x768 251kb
Wario & Waluigi 1280x1024 358kb
Wario & Waluigi 1440x900 354kb

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Title Resolution Size
Cortez 800x600 111kb
Cortez 1024x768 174kb
Cortez 1280x1024 747kb
Mario 800x600 353kb
Mario 1024x768 544kb
Mario 1280x1024 887kb
Mario Hammer 800x600 435kb
Mario Hammer 1024x768 617kb
Mario Hammer 1280x1024 127kb
Rawk Hawk 800x600 121kb
Rawk Hawk 1024x768 168kb
Rawk Hawk 1280x1024 223kb

Super Mario Sunshine

Title Resolution Size
Fludd 800x600 146kb
Fludd 1024x768 530kb
Relaxing 800x600 148kb
Relaxing 1024x768 577kb
Shadow Mario 800x600 88kb
Shadow Mario 1024x768 288kb
Shine Sprite 800x600 122kb
Shine Sprite 1024x768 470kb

Super Mario Strikers

Title Resolution Size
Daisy 1024x768 781kb
Daisy 1280x940 940kb
Daisy 1600x1200 876kb
Donkey Kong 1024x768 739kb
Donkey Kong 1280x940 881kb
Donkey Kong 1600x1200 850kb
Luigi 1024x768 861kb
Luigi 1280x940 922kb
Luigi 1600x1200 911kb
Mario 1024x768 823kb
Mario 1280x940 884kb
Mario 1600x1200 931kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 991kb
Mario (2) 1280x940 1.49mb
Mario (2) 1600x1200 2.08mb
Mario (3) 800x600 211kb
Mario (3) 1024x768 307kb
Mario (3) 1280x940 488kb
Peach 1024x768 618kb
Peach 1280x940 688kb
Peach 1600x1200 959kb
Waluigi 1024x768 866kb
Waluigi 1280x940 950kb
Waluigi 1600x1200 925kb
Wario 1024x768 850kb
Wario 1280x940 899kb
Wario 1600x1200 949kb
Yoshi 1024x768 832kb
Yoshi 1280x940 829kb
Yoshi 1600x1200 922kb


Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Title Resolution Size
Donkey Kong 800x600 253kb
Donkey Kong 1024x768 358kb
Donkey Kong (2) 800x600 353kb
Donkey Kong (2) 1024x768 505kb
Group 800x600 581kb
Group 1024x768 844kb
Luigi 800x600 277kb
Luigi 1024x768 392kb
Mario 800x600 236kb
Mario 1024x768 325kb
Mario (2) 800x600 255kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 347kb
Mario (3) 800x600 273kb
Mario (3) 1024x768 386kb
Peach 800x600 294kb
Peach 1024x768 422kb


Wario Ware Inc. Mega Party

Title Resolution Size
Wario Ware 800x600 227kb
Wario Ware 1024x768 306kb
Wario Ware (2) 800x600 235kb
Wario Ware (2) 1024x768 383kb


Wario World

Title Resolution Size
Big Magon 800x600 68kb
Big Magon 1024x768 155kb
Cractyl 800x600 61kb
Cractyl 1024x768 146kb
Spriteling 800x600 72kb
Spriteling 1024x768 180kb
Wario 800x600 63kb
Wario 1024x768 150kb
Wario (2) 800x600 115kb
Wario (2) 1024x768 297kb
Wario (3) 800x600 84kb
Wario (3) 1024x768 253kb
Wario (4) 800x600 88kb
Wario (4) 1024x768 218kb
Wario (5) 800x600 76kb
Wario (5) 1024x768 163kb

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