Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Artwork including Mario, Lumas, Bosses, enemies + Concept artwork
Rendered Artwork

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Character artwork


Bee Luigi

Bee Luigi


Bee Mario

Bee Mario

Blue Luma

A Blue Luma


Boo Mario

Boo Mario

Bunny Coach
Bunny Coach the Penguin
Hungry Luma  
A Hungry Luma  

Green Luma

A Green Luma



Ice Mario

Ice Mario.


A Luma.

Lumalee With Green Mushroom

Lumalee with a Green Mushroom and Red Mushroom.


Mario and Luma

Mario jumping with Luma floating alongside him

Mario balancing on a Star Ball Mario being attracted by a Pull Star
Mario balancing on a star ball Mario being pulled in by a Pull Star

Mario floating

Mario doing a backflip in space.

Mario on a Pole Mario Ice Skating
Mario climbing up a pole Mario Ice Skating

Mario soaring

Mario soaring through space.


Mario soaring past a Luma

Mario soaring through space, accompanied by Luma.


Mario Throwing Flame

Fire Mario hurling a fireball.

Penguin Penguru
Penguin Penguru
Mario surfing on Ray Polari
Mario surfing on Ray Polari
Princess Rosalina  

Queen Bee

Queen Bee accompanied by three smaller bees.


Rainbow Mario Running

Invincible Mario running.



Ray, the Manta Ray.

Red Luma

A Red Luma


Spring Mario

Mario wrapped in a spring.

Toad Sitting Spooky Speedster
Toad sitting holding his stomach Boo, the Spooky Speedster

Yellow Luma

A Luma.


Concept Artwork


A Ghost Ship

Mario on a Ghost ship, with only glowing Boo's and the nights wind for company.


A Penguin

A Penguin.

An Airship

Bowser's Airship concept artwork.


An unseen Castle like planet

An unseen platform in the sky with a castle built on it, looks a little like Peaches castle.

An unseen Fortress

An unseen platform in the sky with a Fortress built on it.


Buoy Base Galaxy

Buoy Base Gallery


Concept arts of Bee Mario

Concept Artwork of Bee Mario


Concept arts of Boo Mario

Concept Artwork of Boo Mario


Dino Piranha

Concept Artwork of Petey Piranha


Guppy from different angles.

Jack O' Goomba

Jack 'O Goomba

King Kaliente in his second appearance

King Kaliente.

Many concept arts of Mario

Mario and his moves and abilities concept artwork.


Many expressions of an Octoguy

The many faces of Octoguy.


Concept arts of a Sentry Beam

Concept art of the sentry beam.


Mario and a Star Bunny on The Puzzle Cube

Mario and a Star Bunny on the puzzle cube.


Mario in an unseen galaxy

Mario in an unseen galaxy.


Mario underwater

Various shots of Mario in an underwater zone


Mario watching the sunset

Mario watching the sun set.


Melty Molten Galaxy

Concept Artwork of Melty Molten Galaxy


Other concept arts of Bee Mario

Concept sketches of Bee Mario


Queen Bee

Queen Bee sketch

Rosalinas early design Rosalinas final design
The early design of Rosalina The final design for Rosalina

Sea Slide Galaxy

Concept Shots from Sea Slide Galaxy


Sketches of Tarantox

The Bedroom

A sketch of the Bedroom


The Coach

Coach Penguin.


The Toad Brigade and a Starshroom

A sketch of the Toad Brigade and their Starshroom


Toad Brigade in their Starshroom

The Toad Brigade in the Starshroom on a desert world


Enemies and bosses


Astro Gumba

Astro Gumba



bowser jr

Bowser Jr

King Kaliente

King Kaliente





Kingfin 2




Major Burrows

Major Burrows


Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant




Baron Brrr Wiggler
Baron Brr Wiggler
Bob omb Blue crab
Bob-omb Blue Crab
Bouldergeist Bomb Boo
Bouldergeist Bomb Boo
Bullet Bill Cheep Cheep
Bullet Bill Cheep Cheep
Dino Piranha Bugaboom
Petey Piranha Bugaboom
Dry Bones Firey Dino Piranha
Dry Bones Firey Dino Piranha
Goomba Gringill
Goomba Gringill
Flipbug Kamella
Flipbug Kamella
Koopa Troopa Jack O Goomba
Koopa Troopa Jack 'O Goomba
Mandibug Megaleg
Mandibug Megaleg
Topmini Spiky Topman
Topmini Spiky Topman
Octoguy Octoomba
Octoguy Octoomba
Urchin Undergrunt Gunner
Urchin Undergrunt Gunner
Tox Box Topmaniac
A Tox Box Topmaniac
Thwomp Tarantox
Thwomp Tarantox
Sentry Beam Slurple
Sentry Beam Slurple
Pokey Prickly Piranha Plant
A Pokey Prickly Piranha Plant
Water Shooter  
Water Shooter  


Items, objects and power-ups


1 up mushroom

1-Up Mushroom

Bee Suit

Bee Suit Shroom


Boo Suit

Boo Shroom (which gives you a Boo suit)


Brick Block

Brick Block

A Gold Coin


Fire Flower Grand Star
A Fire Flower A Grand Star which immediately reminded me of a Shine Sprite
Green star  
A Green Star  

Green shell

Green Shell


Ground Pound Switch

Ground Pound Switch


Ice Flower

An Ice Flower


Lever Switch

A Lever Switch


Life Mushroom

Life Mushroom


Purple Coin Star Bits
Purple Coin Star bits
Power star Launch Star
Power Star Launch Star

Question Block

A Question Block


Questioning coin

The Coin of Questioning


Rainbow Star

Rainbow Star


Red Shell

A Red Koopa Shell


Spring Mushroom

A Spring Mushroom


Step on block

A Step on Block


Used block

A Used Item Block

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