Mario Sports Mix (Wii) Artwork including Balls & Equipment + Characters and supporting artwork
Rendered Artwork

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Misc Images including Balls & Equipment


Basket Ball

A Basketball



A Dodgeball


Volleyball Ball

A Volleyball.

Froup Art

A Group artwork featuring the main characters playing lots of different sports.


Hockey stick and a coin

A Hockey Stick & A Gold coin being used as a puk.

Mario and Bowser Playing Hockey

FWOOSH! An Artwork of Mario smashing the gold coin with his flaming hockey stick.


Mario Playing Basketball

SHABLAM! Mario slam dunks in a game of basketball.


Wario And Peach Playing Volleyball

Kaboom, Peach destroys Wario during a game of Volleyball


Yoshi Toad Luigi and Bowser Jr PLaying Dodgeball

WHOMP! Yoshi busts Luigi down to size in a game of dodgeball.


Solo character art

Mario Throwing Basketball Ball

Mario Slam Dunking a flaming basketball.


Mario Playing Ice Hockey

Mario smashes the flaming gold coin posing as a puk with his hockey stick,

Peach Playing Volleyball Slime

A Smiley Slime

Female Mii

A Female Mii

Peach playing Volleyball  


Team Character Art

Bowser And Bowser Jr Playing Ice Hockey

Bowser and Bowser Jr playing Hockey


DOnkey kong And Diddy Kong Playing Basketball

Donkey Kong collapsing and Diddy Kong gracefully catching the basketball


Bowser And Mario Playing Ice Hockey

Mario and Bowser battle it out during a hockey game


Mario And Luigi Playing Basketball

Mario dribbles past a defiant looking Luigi during a basketball game


Moogle and Cactuar Playing Dodgeball

Moogle and Cactuar during a Dodgeball game


Ninja And Slime

Ninja and Slime playing Volleyball


Peach And Diasy PLaying Volleyball

Peach & Daisy playing volleyball


Wario and Waluigi Playing Dodgeball

Wario destroys Waluigi during a game of dodgeball, was that a mistake? Aren't they on the same team!


White Mage and Black Mage Playing Volleyball

White Mage & Black Mage playing Volleyball


Yoshi And Toad Playing Ice Hockey

Yoshi and Toad playing hockey with a gold coin puk

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