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Sound and Music from the Super Mario Games

[MP3] Mario Kart: Double Dash Soundtrack

Mario Kart: Double Dash (Gamecube) soundtrack</a></img>
<p>MP3 quality music that makes up the soundtrack from Mario Kart: Double Dash 
on the Nintendo Gamecube <i>(Just right click the name of the file you want to 
download and save as to download)</i></p><p> </p>
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<p align= 


If you don't want to download the whole Mario Kart: Double Dash soundtrack, why not play our YouTube video which plays all of the below tracks in order without having to download them.


Title File size
Main theme 1.86mb
Intro cinematic theme 1.06mb
Menu theme 2.60mb
On Your Mark (Time Trial) 71.1kb
Ranking (Time Trial) 2.33mb
Finish (Time Trial) 89.8kb
Luigi, Mario, Yoshi Circuit theme 4.11mb
Luigi, Mario, Yoshi Circuit theme (Final Lap) 3.73mb
Peach Beach, Daisy Cruiser theme 4.06mb
Peach Beach, Daisy Cruiser theme (Final Lap) 3.11mb
Baby Park theme 5.31mb
Baby Park (Final Lap) theme 4.80mb
Dry Dry Desert theme 3.95mb
Dry Dry Desert theme (Final Lap) 3.28mb
Mushroom Bridge, Mushroom City theme 4.38mb
Mushroom Bridge, Mushroom City theme (Final Lap) 3.86mb
Waluigi Stadium, Wario Colosseum theme 4.03mb
Waluigi Stadium, Wario Colosseum theme (Final Lap) 3.56mb
Sherbet Land theme 3.69mb
Sherbet Land theme (Final Lap) 2.73mb
DK Mountain, Dino Dino Jungle theme 3.79mb
DK Mountain, Dino Dino Jungle theme (Final Lap) 3.43mb
Bowser's Castle theme 5.65mb
Bowser's Castle theme (Final Lap) 4.76mb
Rainbow Road theme 5.05mb
Rainbow Road theme (Final Lap) 4.48mb
Course Intro (Grand Prix) 243kb
On Your Mark (Grand Prix) 93kb
Finish (Grand Prix) 168kb
Ranking (Grand Prix) 2.91mb
Finish (Grand Prix, Fourth or Lower Place) 185kb
Ranking (Grand Prix, Fourth or Lower Place) 623kb
Final Lap 129kb
Award Ceremony theme 3.30mb
Course Intro (Battle) 126kb
On Your Mark (Battle) 86.5kb
Balloon Battle, Bob-Omb Blast theme 2.81mb
Shine Thief theme 867kb
Starman 360kb
Staff roll theme / credits 3.47mb