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Sunshine Airport in MK8


Nintendo have taunted us with yet another track from Mario Kart 8, remember that track in the trailers where everyone races underneath a giant jumbo yet?



The trailer is here for your convenience, should you have forgotten


Turns out that course is called Sunshine Airport and is the eighth track to be revealed for Mario Kart 8 so far, that's two full cups worth of track; see the other seven tracks revealed so far. I imagine there are probably at least three more cups after that though, and maybe one that you have to unlock by beating the others if the history of the Mario Kart series has taught us anything!


Considering we are drawing ever nearer to May 30th and have seen quite a few new tracks, not yet is much known about what retro tracks might be getting remastered behind the scene from previous gen Mario Kart games, we have seen nothing at all of battle mode, nothing has been mentioned of tournaments - although I believe online play is going to be a very big thing in MK8, moreso than it ever has been before in the series, so stay tuned for a lot more teasers prior to release.



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