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Monday is rubbish.  But as the distant revving of engines echoes in the distance and grows closer by the day we are comforted by two more teasers for Mario Kart 8 were revealed by Nintendo on their UK Facebook page.


Cloudtop Cruise

A course set in the clouds, I think we'll see some anti-gravity stuff coming into play here?



Bone Dry Dunes

Ahh yes, the obligatory desert course! I was wondering how long it would be!



These are of course in addition to the five tracks that Nintendo already shared with us at the beginning of March which you can check out below, the tracks include:-

  • The staple Mario Kart track "Mario Circuit" with it's graphically beautiful Wii U revamp
  • Sweet Sweet Canyon - a track where everything is made from Sweets, Waffles etc... om nom nom
  • Thwomp Ruins - a track that looks to be almost in some sort of abandoned tribal area amongst the trees, inhabited now only by Thwomps
  • Toad Harbour - a really nice looking sunny course, what horrible twists could be waiting for us here?
  • Twisted Mansion - a track integrated into a huge haunted (not to mention twisted) Mansion - I'm unsure whether Luigi would be glad of this track as he is the most experienced at dealing with the supernatural by now; or sick of the sight of ghosts? I reckon he'll be feeling strong after having a whole year dedicated to him!



They all look like beautifully crafted tracks in their own rights, but as a big horror fan, and Luigi's Mansion fan at that, the Twisted Mansion track appeals the most to me; which do you like the look of? I'll leave you with the latest Mario Kart 8 gameplay trailer. Enjoy.



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