Mario Kart 8's newest TV commercial is here, and its 'Flipping racing on its head!
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A Toad customising Mario's Kart in MK8


With two weeks to go til MK8 and the hype in full swing a new TV Commercial is out. If you're from the U.S its possible you've already seen this, its the "Take 4, Upside Down Test" TV Ad for Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, it can be seen on channels like cartoon network amongst others.

Nintendo has sworn to advertise MK8 to absolute death and that coupled with the fact that it looks an amazing game anyway should surely sell a significant number of Wii U consoles to those who had previously been on the fence. That and the fact that this is no doubt a great time. So without further adieu, check out the latest gravity defying Mario Kart 8 commercial below.


The latest TV Commercial for Mario Kart 8


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Seen this commercial outside of the U.S and Cartoon Network? Let us know in the comments!

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