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Yoshi (NES) - Cheats & Tips


You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Yoshi on the NES


Extra points


Place a bottom half shell on the bottom of the entire platform. Build a group of blocks on it until you reach the top. Then wait for a top half of a shell to appear. Drop the top half on the stack and it will turn in to a full grown Yoshi and you will receive more points than usual.


Tips And Tricks On The Game Genie


For those of you who want to try having a little extra fun with the games, the following codes will help you out of tough spots.

003 BBE 193
Only a single block falls randomly.

3EC 70D 081 + 06C 71D 2AC + 22C 72D F71
Once you enter this code, you can go to the menu and push right to start a game on level 6.

3EC 70D 081 + 08C 71D 2AC + 22C 72D F71
Enter this, then go to the level select option and push right to start the game on level 8.

3EC 71B 3BA
This groovy code will turn off the time for the type B game.

Fun Tips


Always pay attention to where the next stacks are going to fall in the game. Always try to move Mario to where you will gain points for the next enemy dropped.


Try to have different enemies on the top of each pile that you have. This gives you a greater chance of finding a match.

You can get a bonus after every level is completed in the Game B type, with many of the them worth a lot of points.

Once you get a block to match on one stack, you can use the block directly beneath it to try to match the second falling block.

Always try to keep one plate stack completely open so that you can use it during times when you are really under pressure.

New players should always stick to Type A game play on the lowest level until they learn how to play the game well.


If you know about any cheats we don't have, or you have some tips not listed below please let us know and we will add them, crediting the submitter.

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