Top 13 Favourite Super Mario series meme's
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What Mario Kart Online looks like vs What it feels like

# 13. This one is pretty recent, but reflects how we've all felt playing MK over the years.

Boo Mario meme

# 12. I giggled harder than I should have at this. Pretty self explanatory.


Luigi hats make you stronk

 # 11. Proof that if we all wear Luigi hats, we're untouchable, and unstoppable.


Not really a meme, but pretty cool all the same
# 10. Not really a meme, just really liked this.


Damn you Mario
#9. This one might be of ill taste, and Im sorry if it upsets anyone. It couldnt be more accurate though.


Mama Luigi's Bedtime Stories
 #8. Another one that makes me giggle pretty hard.


Mario Kart taught me life isn't fair
 #7. Mario Kart: ruining friendships since 1998.


Who ya gonna call? Luigi?

#6. Admit it, you sang it. Not read it.


Mario's Shrooms

#5. Not too much to say here. This is golden.

If you're never in first place at least you can't get hit by blue shells meme
#4. This one is in my top list. Its a good laugh, and we all know you can still get swiped by that shell if in the wrong path.


Luigi Dabbing

#3.Look at this flawless dab. Clearly Luigi is team Instinct.


Luigi time meme

#2.This one. I cant.. this is pure gold. If you didnt at least crack a smile, I will hold shame on you.

And last but not least..


Luigi Death Stare meme

#1.Look at that intense stare!
“I am bad and that’s good.”

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