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Thirsty Mario

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Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on September 29th 2003


Bowser: I have decided to take all the water away from Mushroom Kingdom.

Koopa: Who are you talking to?

Bowser: You.

Koopa: Oh.

Bowser: Prepare the Water-Taker3000.

Meanwhile at Princess Peach's castle.

Mario: ooh, a pepper!

Peach: Be careful Mario. That is a hot pepper.

Mario: So? (takes a bite) Momma Mia! That is one hot pepper!

Peach: Quick, I'll get you some water.

Mario: Hurry!

Peach: There's no water coming out!

Mario: Oh no!

Peach: Dive into the moat!

Mario: (runs and jumps into the moat and hits hid head on the bottom) OW!

Peach: are you okay?

Mario: Yes I am.

Peach: How can that be?

Mario: I am not real.

Peach: Oh ya, but that means neither am I!

Mario: Momma Mia! The pepper is still burning in my mouth!

Peach: Go to the lake!

Mario: (Diving in the lake) Ow! I hit the bottom!

Peach: It seems someone took all the water.

Mario: It looks like that Bowser finally beat me.

Peach: Don't say that!

Mario: But he has! The pepper won't stop burning!

Bowser's castle-

Bowser: No one seems to care that I stole all the water.

Koopa: so?

Bowser: Maybe I should put it back. Reverse the Water-Taker3000.

Back at Princess Peach's Castle-

Mario: Ohh! I'm so thirsty!

Peach: There there Mario.

Mario: Do you here gurgling?

Peach: Actually, I do.

Mario: (as the water comes back) Woohoo! The water is back!

But before Mario can drink any, the water disappeared again.

Mario: What is going on?

Bowser's Castle-

Bowser: Ahh! The machine is malfunctioning!

Koopa: It's going to blow! Run!

Princess Peach's Castle-

Mario: (crying) Why can't I get any water?

Suddenly the water came back.

Mario: Woohoo! The water is back!

And so Mario finally got to drink the water he so dearly needed. And Bowser's castle had a giant hole in the wall where the machine blew up.