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(2) Table Of Contents

The Story................................3
Controller Functions.....................7
Before You Start The Game................9
The Level Selection Screen..............10
The Basic Rule..........................11
Basic Items.............................13
The Goal and The Score..................14
The Bonus Challenge.....................15
Try Everything!.........................17
Watermelon and Special Attacks..........18
Keys, Doors and Mini Battles............20
Special Items...........................22
The Effects Of Special Items............23



This story happened a long long time ago...
This is a story about a baby and Yoshi...

A stork hurries across the dusky, pre-dawn sky. In his bill, he
supports a pair of twins who are to be delivered to their parents as
soon as possible.

Suddenly, something appears between the clouds and races towards the
stork with blinding speed!



“SSCCRREEEEECH!!!”, it screams. “These babies are mine!”

Snatching only one baby, the creature vanishes into the darkness from
whence it came.

Oh no! The second baby falls undetected towards the open sea...



The kidnapper is Kamek, an evil Magikoopa from the Koopa Kingdom.
Having divined last night that twin babies born this morning will bring
disaster to the Koopa family, he arranged for an early morning ambush.
Returning to his castle, Kamek realizes that he missed the other baby.
He orders his toadies.

“Go forth and find the other baby!! Don’t let his parents get him
back! Ever!!”

Meanwhile, the second baby does not fall into the sea after
lands safely on Yoshi’s back! And right after him drops a map!!



This paradise is Yoshi’s Island. And on this island lives lots of
different Yoshies. These Yoshies are naturally laid back and relaxed,
but this is a calamity and everyone is in a state of panic. As the
Yoshies frantically yell over each other, the baby insistently points
at something.

Yes! The baby can sense the other baby’s location. All the Yoshies
quickly agree to help carry the baby to its destination by using a
relay system not unlike the old pony express.

The Green Yoshi draws first honors.



Let’s master the “Egg Toss”!

[Control Pad moves]

[left/right] Press [left] or [right] to move

[up] Press [up] to enter doors

[down] Press [down] to duck

[START] Pause. Check the score. Select a special item.

[Y button]

Grab enemies.
Sticks out Yoshi’s tongue in the direction pressed except downward.

Make eggs.
Press [down] with an enemy in Yoshi’s mouth to create an egg.

Spit out.
Or press the Y Button again to spit the enemy out.

Special Attack
Or, when a watermelon is in Yoshi’s mouth, press the Y Button to spit
seeds, flames, etc.

[L/R buttons & A button]


Pressing the L or R Button will stop the aiming cursor’s movement.
Press [up] to lock the cursor directly above Yoshi.

For egg throwing there are two controller configurations. (Refer to
Page 10.) Press [down] to cancel the throw.

Number 1: PATIENT

Press the A Button to activate the aiming cursor. Press the A Button
again to throw the egg.

Number 2: HASTY

Press and hold the A Button to activate the aiming cursor. The egg
will be thrown when the A Button is released.

[B button]


If you continue to press the B Button, Yoshi will float in the air
briefly. Make an extra effort!

Press [down] while in the air to pound the ground. Pound the ground!!



If you clear a stage, the progress of the game, and score for that
stage will be saved automatically.

Insert the Game Pak into the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Control Deck and turn the POWER switch to the ON position.
The story will begin. To by-pass the story, and get to the Title
Screen, press the Start Button.
Press the Start Button again to get to the File Menu.

Select the file to which you want your data saved. There are a total
of three.

You may copy files to each other. This allows you to continue a
friend’s saved game.

You may erase date from any of the files. Erased data is
unrecoverable, so be careful when erasing.




There are 6 Worlds in this game, and each World has 8 Stages. Move the
hand-shaped cursor to the Stage you wish to play.

The Stages you have cleared will be displayed in color. You may play
each Stage as many times as you wish.

If you would like to challenge another World, move the cursor here [top
of screen where folder tabs are] to make the selection.

Bosses await you in Stage 4 and 8 of each World.

When you have fulfilled certain conditions, icons will appear here [?
icons]. These are special surprises for you!

Score: This allows you to view the best score of any cleared Stage.
{Refer to Page 14.)

Controller Configurations: There are 2 different ways to throw eggs.
Please choose your favorite.



If you get struck baby Mario will fall off your back. Watch the timer!

To clear a Stage, jump through the GOAL! Ring, and pass baby Mario on
to the next Yoshi.
If baby Mario becomes separated from Yoshi, the Countdown Timer will
begin. You only have a short time to reunite Yoshi and baby Mario
before baby Mario is swept away by Kamek’s toadies.

Do not allow the Timer to reach 0...


When baby Mario floats way up, you can hit him with an egg to bring him
closer. Additionally, Yoshi can hit him with his tongue by shooting
his tongue upwards.



Increase the Countdown Timer by gathering Stars. You may collect up to

The Countdown Timer starts at 10.
If the Countdown Timer drops below 10, it will recover slowly after you
grab hold of baby Mario again.
The Timer will only recover up to 10.

The Middle Ring
There are Rings (see the picture on the right) throughout each Stage.
These Rings allow you to continue from said point if you fail before
completing the Stage.

Jumping through the Middle Ring activates it and gives you an
additional 10 Stars.
If your game ends before you complete the Stage, then you have to start
from the beginning of the Stage.




There are coins everywhere. Collect 100 for a 1up.

Red Coins:
There are 20 red coins hidden among the regular coins per Stage. Grab
them all for the high score. These coins also count as regular coins.

Eggs (Yoshi can carry up to 6):
You may swallow enemies to make eggs, and hit certain blocks to create
eggs. When any egg (except for the Green ones) is used, items will

Yellow Egg Red Egg Flashing Egg
Coin 2 Stars Red Coin

There are 5 flowers in each Stage. Collect all 5 for a 1up. They are
worth big points.



It is difficult to get a perfect score of 100 points in any Stage. At
first your objective should be to simply clear the Stages.

When you jump through the GOAL! Ring, baby Mario is passed on to the
next Yoshi. This also activates the Goal roulette. (Refer to page


When you reach the goal, the score board will be displayed. And the
score will be calculated. Here is the scoring method used:

[HIGH SCORE] The high score for the Stage.

[STARS] The number of seconds remaining on the Countdown Timer. (Max.
of 30)

[RED COINS] The number of red coins collected. (Max. of 20)

[FLOWERS] The number of Flowers collected. (10 points per Flower, Max.
of 50 pts.)

[TOTAL POINTS] Total score.

The score is also displayed on the Pause Screen. The perfect score is
100 pts.




The number of Flowers collected are added to the GOAL! Ring. If the
roulette spin ends on a flower, then you play in the Bonus Challenge.

Drawing Lots
Choose one card and collect the item. If you draw Kamek’s face, then
you get nothing.

Scratch and Match
Scratch 3 boxes. Gain extra lives dependent on how many baby Mario’s
you uncover.

The Slot Machine
Press any button to stop the spinning drums. The correct combination
will be rewarded with extra lives.



Flip Cards
Flip the cards and collect the items. You may flip cards until you get
Kamek, but if you get Kamek, then you lose all the items you have
collected. To end, flip the “EXIT” icon in the middle. If you manage
to flip all the cards, you will receive a special bonus gift. [You
get] Nothing for Kamek’s toadies’ card.

Match Cards
Flip the cards in pairs. Memorize their locations and flip over only
cards which match. Collect those items and receive a bonus gift by
flipping over all the cards.

First place your bet, by using [up] and [down]. Then spin the roulette
wheel. Try to avoid the combination of X and 0. The result of the
equation is added to your total lives.



There are many different tricks and puzzles awaiting you throughout the
game. Try everything, or you may find yourself stuck and unable to

Message Block
Strike this from below to get a clue.

Winged Cloud
Hit them with an egg to make Stars, Coins, Flowers, Stairs, Platforms
or other special things happen.

Stomp on it, and for a short time secret entrances will appear and
other special things will happen, similar to the Winged Cloud.

Arrow Cloud
Hit it with an egg, and the egg will shoot out in the direction the
arrow is pointing.




In some Stages Yoshi will encounter watermelons. They come in 3
glorious colors. If Yoshi uses his tongue to take the watermelon into
his mouth, then he will shoot out the special power when you press the
Y Button. (Watermelons can not be turned into eggs.)

Green Watermelon > Spit Seeds.

Red Watermelon > Spit Fire.

Blue Watermelon > Spit Ice.


If you grab a Super Star, baby Mario will power up and become
invincible for a while and can do a great deal of damage to all
enemies. The controller functions change when you control Mario.

DASH Y Button

CLIMBING WALLS Hold [left] or [right] on the Control Pad.

FLOAT Keep pressing the B Button




Touch a metamorphosis bubble and Yoshi will become the pictured item.
Move around as this item for a limited amount of time.

Operate with the Control Pad.

Mole Tank
Operate with the Control Pad.

Shoot a torpedo with either the Y or B Buttons.

Put on steam with either the Y or B Buttons.

Tip-toe with either the Y or B Buttons.

These are time-limited metamorphoses. To transform back into Yoshi,
touch a Yoshi Block. This also warps baby Mario to your current



There are ways to get additional items or 1ups besides the Bonus

To open a locked door, you need to find and collect a key. By opening
locked doors (press [up] on the Control Pad in front of the door),
sometimes you will enter a “Mini Battle Game.” Win this battle and
collect special items or extra lives.

[Locked Door] < Needs a key.

Throwing Balloons (4 or 6 sequences)
You have a limited amount of time to correctly key in the sequence
shown on the screen. Doing so will throw the balloon on to your
opponent. The balloon will inflate gradually and eventually pop; if it
pops on you then you lose.
There is a Long version of the game with a longer sequence to key in.



Popping Balloons
Pop the balloons by pounding the ground (Jump, and then press [down]).
The first to find the “HIT” is the winner.

Gather Coins
Grab more coins that your opponent within a limited amount of time.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest
Grab the Watermelon and shoot your opponent. Knock the opponent’s
damage meter to zero to win.



You may select your special items on the Pause Screen. They can be
very useful in completing difficult Stages.

Special items may be used at any time, except when you are fighting a
Boss. To use an item, pause the game and select the item with the
cursor in the lower right.

The Pause Screen

Press the START Button both to pause and to return to game play.
Additionally, if you have previously completed the current Stage, then
you may press the SELECT Button when on the Pause Screen to return to
the Level Selection Screen.

[Yoshi] Number of Yoshies remaining.

[Coins] Number of coins collected.

[Stars] Current Countdown Timer setting.

[3 Icon Boxes] Special items collected.
Only 3 items are shown at a time, but up to 22 may be stored here.
Scroll through by pressing [left] or [right] and choose one by pressing
the A Button.




10 Point Star:
Increases the Countdown Timer by 10.

20 Point Star:
Increases the Countdown Timer by 20.

Anytime Egg:
Gives Yoshi a full supply of 6 eggs.

Anywhere POW:
Turns all the enemies on the screen into Stars.



Winged Cloud Maker:
Turns all the enemies on the screen into Winged Clouds.

Magnifying Glass:
Shows you where all the Red Coins are in the Stage.

Super Green Watermelon:
Places a Green Watermelon in Yoshi’s mouth. Allows Yoshi to spit

Super Red Watermelon:
Places a Red Watermelon in Yoshi’s mouth. Allows Yoshi to breath fire.

Super Blue Watermelon:
Places a Blue Watermelon in Yoshi’s mouth. Allows Yoshi to freeze




CALL 1-800-255-3700


Nintendo of America Inc.
P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A.


"Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Instruction Manual"
Converted to ASCII text by Gregory Bishop (

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