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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Super Mario World 2 (SNES)

999 Life's
Enter world 4-1 find the two long pipes that are hanging upside down. Kill the Piranha Plants, then swallow Shy Guys until accumulating six eggs. Grab a Koopa Troopa, and stand on the pipe that previously held the lower Piranha Plant. Spit out the shell between the two lower pipes.
As the shell bounces back and forth, throw away an egg. Shy Guys will appear from the other pipe and will be hit by the shell until extra lives appear.

Bonus games
On any Stage Select screen, hold Select and press:
X, X, Y, B, A
The bonus game will begin when Select is released.

Get out of level
If you're in a level that you've already been in, press PAUSE then START and SELECT. You will go out of the level.

Level 1-4: Secret Pipe
In the level 1-4, near the end of the 2nd screen there is a locked door. Before that there is a pipe. You can go down it to find heaps of coins.

Level 3-6: Tree Trick
In 3-6, at the start there are trees. Jump of the top of them and jump up. You find some red coins, a key and a flower.

Mini Battle game
On the map screen, hold Select and press:
X, X, Y, B, A.

Pass dog in Level 5-4
At the start of this fort, you will see a door. Go in the door and you will see a biting dog. To kill it, Press PAUSE then if you have one, use a Question Mark. The dog will turn into a Question Mark. Shoot it and a door will appear on the other side. Go in it to find a speech mark. It will give you the MINI BATTLE AND TWO PLAYER code

Password to access level 3

Perfect score indicator
If six stars are shown on the title screen you have a perfect score.

Red coin trick
If you look at a red coin, it will be darker than a normal coin. This helps when your trying to get 100 points in levels.

Secret Cracks
In lots of levels you will see cracks. Fire an egg at them to break them. Keep your eye out for them because there in places where you least expect them.

Secret Levels
Get 100 points in every level and get an extra level and bonus challenge.

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