[WAV] Super Mario Sunshine sound effects and character voices
Sound effects / music

Small logo for Super Mario Sunshine


A collection of WAV format character voice samples & Sound effects from Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube


  Title   File size
  1up   32K
  1up appear   30K
  Bells   14K
  Blue Coin   13K
  Box Bust   15K
  Buzzer   13K
  Cackle   38K
  Chat   13K
  Classic Coin   21K
  Coin   6.7K
  Coin Appears   8.4K
  Drain   12K
  Exit   15K
  Fludd charge   27K
  Fludd Mario!   12K
  Fludd nozzle   27K
  Fludd squirt   60K
  Fludd switch   8.3K
  Gamecube   107K
  Intro   215K
  Lowhealth   25K
  Mario doh   11K
  Mario double jump   13K
  Mario fall   60K
  Mario gasp   12K
  Mario grunt   4.0K
  Mario haha!   16K
  Mario herewego   30K
  Mario jump   4.8K
  Mario jump2   7.6K
  Mario jump3   4.6K
  Mario letsgo   19K
  Mario oof   13K
  Mario push   10K
  Mario snore   40K
  Mario uh!   6.2K
  Mario waha!   23K
  Mario whoa   19K
  Mario woo!   14K
  Mario yeehaw!   22K
  Menu away   7.3K
  Menu confirm   6.5K
  Menu done   19K
  Menu popup   10K
  Menu select   5.6K
  Nozzlebox   7.2K
  Painting   39K
  Pause 1   15K
  Pause 2   15K
  Pianta 1   18K
  Pianta 2   30K
  Pipe   24K
  Pokey   8.4K
  Seedy groan   47K
  Seedy song   72K
  Shine   28K
  Shine appears   83K
  Shine get   101K
  Shine select   24K
  Stage enter   51K
  Stage intro   139K
  Start   25K
  Switchtimer   27K
  Swoopin groan   32K
  Water big splash   39K
  Water paddle   14K
  Water splash   32K
  Whistle   41K
  Zoom in   11K
  Zoom out   5.7K

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