Super Mario Land 2 Cheats & Tips (Game Boy)

Super Mario Land 2 (GameBoy) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Super Mario Land 2 GB


99 Lives
Clear the Hippopotamus Zone and the Space Zone. Return to the Hippopotamus Zone, run into the water, and then to the left. Grab the prize worth 50 coins. Do this over and over until you've grabbed 999 coins, then play the Bonus Game. Repeat this procedure until you have 99 lives!


Beat Bonus Game
To get 3 extra lives every time on the bonus game, just wait until a heart is going into the left-hand opening, and press the button to drop the claw. The claw will automatically grab the heart when it comes back out the other side.


Bonus Level
After ringing the Midpoint Bell in the first stage of the Space Zone, jump up to find the hidden block located in front of the ringed planet. Continue working your way up-you will find more hidden blocks and you will get to the Secret Exit high above the normal goal.


Demo Code
1 Up + Select
2 Up + A + Select
3 Up + B + Select
4 Up + A + B + Select
Note: None of these codes work for the million version seller.
Return to the Map
To return to the map without dying, press START, then press SELECT.

Easy Mode
At the Title screen, press Start to go into the Pipe Room. Then press Select to enable Easy Mode. You can now start any saved file under Easy Mode.


Easier Game
For an easier game, press SELECT at the pipe screen.


Extra Life
At the Bubble Level, go towards the bubble and get in it. Once in the bubble, go to where you started and go up all the way. You will now have an extra life.

On screen after title screen, push SELECT to put you in easy mode.


Hippo Level
When you see the hippo, make sure the bubble comes out. Then go back to where you started and run to the hippo again. When you see the bubble come out (still running), jump in it and don't let go of the A button. You should be at the end in about 40 seconds.


Play the Demos
At the title screen you can enter any of the following codes to play the demos. When a demo begins you will be able to control Mario.

Secret demo game
When title screen appears, Hold Up, Select and B. The demo lasts for 60 seconds and then crashes.

Secret Life
In the Hippo Zone, get in a bubble and go to the beginning of the level and float up. You will see a ? box. Inside is an extra life!

The 6th Coin
Choose to go to the Hippo Stage. There, you'll see a model of a hippo blowing bubbles. Jump into a bubble and float all the way to the end of the level. Instead of exiting through the regular door, exit through the door above it.


You would not have been able to reach this door if you weren't in the bubble. After exiting through that door, you will have to play a hard space stage. If/When you complete the level you'll get the 6th coin.


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