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Super Mario Kart Review

Super Mario Kart was a weird idea when I first heard about it. I mean come on, the two plumbers, a princess, a turtle, a mushroom, a monkey, a dinosaur, and a king turtle Racing?!

And not even racing, but kart racing?! It wasn't really mind appealing at first. I felt like this would be a horrible game, one of Nintendo's failures, and I was very wrong...

Gameplay 9 out of 10
In racing games I feel that Gameplay is the single most important factor. Nintendo knew this, and that is why Super Mario Kart became so successful and addictive. I have nothing bad to say about the gameplay. I was a victim to many hours of playing this game, and I loved every minute of it. There are several different modes to Super Mario Kart: The one you will be spending most your time on is the actual racing mode. In this mode you can go 1 or 2 players and race each other along with all the other characters in an epic tournament to win the gold cup. Then you have battle mode, which is my favorite. This is where you get to battle a friend on a giant course by using shells, bananas, stars and so on to try an take out his 3 protective spheres before he does the same to you.

And lastly you have a time trial mode, where you can race by yourself on any given race course and see what best time you can get. These modes can keep you entertained for hours and hours. Aside from the three different modes, there are three different difficulty races in the racing mode: 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. 50cc being the easiest, and 150cc being the hardest. As well in each difficulty race, there are different cup races: Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup, and if I remember right Special Cup. Each of these vary in difficulty and has their own set of courses. The A.I. control of your opponents was wonderful, I think that's what made this racing game rise above all others on the SNES. Most racing games the A.I. was too hard, cause they did every lap pretty much perfectly. Or the A.I. was too easy providing no challenge at all, cause they were set by limits such as a slower speed than what you could go. In Super Mario Kart the A.I. was pretty much balanced out perfectly, and that I liked.

A group artwork featuring all the racers in Super Mario Kart for the SNES

Controls 9 out of 10
This is where a lot of racing games fail, but this is not the situation with Super Mario Kart. Yes you will have to practice a little to get use to the controls. Even my four year old brother could get these controls down. Good enough to where as he was even beating me at the game, heh. Nintendo just did a nice job on keeping the controls smooth and easy to learn. That's pretty much all you can ask out of a racing game.

Graphics 9 out of 10
Super Mario Kart had a very nice and clean look to it for a SNES game. On the screen it is set in a 3rd person view behind and up a little of your character. You can't really ask for much better in it's time. I thought the look of the game was wonderful, and it got me threw the game just fine.

Sound/Music 9 out of 10
Each different scenery course had its own music, and it went really well with the scenery. If you was racing in Bowser's Castle the music had an evil aura to it. If you was racing on the beach it had that outdoor ocean music going. The sound was wonderful, I loved getting hit by a turtle shell just to hear my tires squall, just simply wonderful.

Replay 10 out of 10
Ok so I normally do not give perfect scores but I felt like this one deserved it. This game is FUN, did I say fun?, I mean VERY FUN. You get the idea, cause I still pull out my SNES from the closet just to play this game again. Either I'm just a sad person, or this game has just has an awesome addiction to it.

Bowser throwing a red shell at Mario in battle mode

Super Mario Kart received 9 out of a possible 10. If you like racing games and if you like Nintendo, I'm pretty sure you already have this game. If you don't like racing and absolutely hate Nintendo, I'm still pretty sure you already have this game. For those of you who don't, it's a remarkable game that stands out as a true classic. I personally believe it is the best racing game for the SNES, and most will agree it's worth every penny you spend when you go out and buy this one.

Other Stuff
This review was from my own personal opinion, so don't hold a grudge. =P

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