Super Mario Bros. Special (FM7)
FM7: Mario Bros. Special

Release dates

Australia N/A
Europe Unconfirmed
Japan 1984
N.America Unconfirmed


General information

Platform: FM-7

Developed by Hudson

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player




Super Mario Bros. Special was a 2D Mario platform title for the FM7 which was never released outside Japan.

This was intended to be a port of Super Mario Bros, but Hudson modified various elements of the games, they added enemies from other games, as well as abilities and weapons - for example the hammer, barrels and fireball enemies from Donkey Kong are featured in this game.

This was the first licensed sequel to Super Mario Brothers and was released shortly before the LOST LEVELS, though fate would have it that Super Mario Bros. Special would end up being the true lost Mario title.

Another difference between this and the game it was intended to transcend - this game featured no Luigi, and no multiplayer mode. Hudson even put the bee from their logo in the game as an item, if Mario finds it he gains 8,000 points.


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