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Super Mario Advance 3

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island

Release dates

Australia N/A
Europe October 11th, 2002
Japan September 23rd, 2002
N.America September 23rd, 2002


General information

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Developed by Nintendo R&D2

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-4



Overview / Story

Another exciting game to play with, the Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3! In this game an intrusive magikoopa, named Kamek, is finding its way to make a fuss in the kingdom and capture a stork carrying with it the newest set of twins in Mushroom Kingdom.  All through the heist, Kamek successfully kidnapped one of the twins, but the other accidentally yet luckily slipped from the stork's package and landed on the ground. Miraculously fortunate, the second twin safely landed on Yoshi's back. Now, Yoshi, normally docile in his nature, in order to reunite the twins must undertake the trouble-making Kamek and its entire cast of underlings.


  • Match up up with Yoshi and all of his colorful friends
  • Deal with Kamek and Baby Bowser
  • Lead Yoshi over dangerous landscapes and around deceitful traps
  • Transform into unique characters that has special abilities
  • Be a mole-machine and/or change into a helicopter
  • The legendary moves of Master Yoshi
  • To be able to find each stars, coins and flowers to unlock secrets, replay each stage
  • In a multi-player Mario Bros. game, you can connect with up to three of your  friends 



The Story

Even before Mario could ever save the whole Mushroom Kingdom from the evil reptile, Bowser, a devious Magikoopa named Kamek foresaw the future defeat of koopa king so it sent the stork carrying Mario into a watery grave. Luckily, Mario escaped and fell on the Yoshi’s Island. The Yoshi's felt something about the baby, and this feeling had lead them into the right way. The Yoshi's joined together to be able to help Mario and finally defeat Kamek.


Interesting Facts

  • In Yoshi's Island, SMA3, its game boy advance port had six extra levels that were never added to the original SNES title.

Reference / Information

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