Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES) Playthrough
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)

Welcome to TMB's playthrough of the original Mario RPG game - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars both unprecedented and epic in its day and still fondly remembered by the older generation of Mario fans... There is both a great in depth storyline and loads of great new characters, items and moves to be used. I hope you enjoy the playthough and story.


Special features




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Mushroom Way
Toad tears off ahead of Mario straight into Mushroom Way and runs into trouble in the form of Goombas, Paratroopas and finally a pair of Hammer Bros who boldy state that it is Hammer Time... after a very short time however Mario shows that they CANT TOUCH THIS and continues on his way.

The Mushroom Kingdom
Mario arrives at The Mushroom Kingdom and after showing off his madskillz to some adoring fans and treading in something worrying and uknown Mario arrives at the Mushroom Castle where Chancellor Toadsworth is waiting for him with a list of orders and no intent of doing anything himself! Mario gets equipped in the castle vaults and comes outside to find Mallow; a frog from Tadpole Pond, who looks entirely unlike a frog.


Mallow has been robbed - his grandfathers coin stolen by a crocodile toting a top hat named Croco. It is here that Mario agrees to help Mallow get his coin back and Mallow joins Mario on his journey.

Bandit's Way
Mario and his new friend Mallow continue pursuing the renegade Croco down Bandit Way (killing everything they see for coins and xp) and eventually get him cornered, after a difficult battle Mallow gets his grandpas coin back and Croco runs off vowing to pay the two back "in spades". Mallow and Mario then head back to the shop in the Mushroom Kingdom so Mallow can finish his errand for his grandpa.

The Mushroom Kingdom under siege
When Mario and Mallow arrive back at The Mushroom Kingdom things are not quite as they expected, the whole place has been overrun by Shysters on pogo sticks and all the residents are hiding in fear, after clearing the Shysters the two enter the Mushroom Castle to find the majority of the Toads hiding in the Princesses bedroom it's there that one of the Toad's tells Mario that the Chancellor is stuck in the throne room.


When they get to the Throne room they find it not only completely overrun by Shysters, but their boss MACK is also there. After a long battle against Mack and his Shyster bodyguards Mario and Mallow prevail and find a star piece; could this star piece have anything to do with the giant sword in Bowsers castle? The pair head out for Kero Sewers...

Kero Sewers & The Midas River
After nearly being served as lunch for the Belome in the dark dank depths of the Kero Sewers our heroes eventually defeated him; little did they know he'd rigged the place, next thing they knew a torrent of water smashed both Mallow and Mario out into the Midas River, and after an arduous swimming and barrel jumping session the two made it to a wise old Toad, who asked if they'd like to go again!

Tadpole Pond/Rose Way
Mallow and Mario arrive at Mallow's home of Tadpole Pond where they are greeted by many Tadpoles who have already heard of Mallow and Mario's adventures and even knew of their battle with Belome! Soon after Mallow's Grandfather Frogfucious came over and invited Mario to his sanctuary where he explained what really happened that day at Bowsers castle and that the Princess is no longer being held in Bowsers castle and is missing (as is Bowser). Frogfucious sends Mario (and Mallow, much to his shock) on a mission to defeat Smithy and his gang.... and then drops a shocking revelation; Mallow is not a tadpole at all..!!! The pair head then set off for Rose Town which needs their help.

While journeying down Rose Way the pair see a commotion up ahead and stop for a look; its Bowser organising his armies of shelled warriors, magikoopas and goombas ready to try and take back his castle (despite that the Bridge is down...) Rose Town is not far up ahead...

Rose Town
After arriving in Rose Town it seems theres a bit of a problem... magical arrows are flying out of the sky and turning the residents into statues; still able to talk but not able to move a muscle! Mario walks into one of the Mushroom peoples houses to find a Mushroom kid called Gaz pulverising a Mario doll with a Bowser doll, and after enduring a horrible doll based attack from Gaz's Geno doll and being knocked out Mario spends the night at Gaz's moms house. When he wakes up Gaz is just telling his mom how his geno doll became real, and walked out into the forest and as he is being dragged off by his little mushroom ear for lying again Mario, thinking nothing of it leaves and heads into the forest maze himself..

The Forest Maze
Deep in the treacherous forest maze riddled with enemies are Mario and Mallow... but there is also a mysterious figure in a blue cloak just ahead of them at every turn. Once they find an exit to the forest maze they come accross the cause of Rose Town's arrow problem; another of Smithy's gang - Bowyer, a giant and malevolent Bow and arrow has been the one firing these arrows this whole time. Mario tries to run in only to be pulled back by Mallow who points out that they are badly outnumbered and should listen to see if they can hear anything about whats going on just as one of Bowyers arrow footsoliders comes in with a star piece... even more to the pairs amazement the mysterious figure in the blue cloak then appears in front of Bowyer and tells them that they cannot keep the starpiece, a battle ensues and Mario rushes in to help the mysterious figure against Bowyer; Mallow was hit by an arrow on the way and turns up shortly behind Mario. The three engage and defeat Bowyer and the mysterious character introduces himself as Geno (taking on the dolls name, as his real name is not pronounceable). Geno is on a mission to restore the star road and to do this will need to find all of the seven star pieces; he joins Mario and Mallow on their journey.

Bowyer: “What? WHAT? Disturb me you must not! Practicing, I am. More arrows must I shoot! More statues must I make, nya!... G nya, NYA!? A stranger you are... and strange looking at that! Teach you, we must, who's in charge!”

Return to Rose Town
The trio return to Rose Town for two reasons; one to check everything has been sorted since Bowyers defeat; its good to see everything back to normal and the Mushroom people who live there able to go about their business again. Second they go to see Gaz to explain (attempt to explain) the situation; Gaz gives Geno his finger bullet accessory and they again go on there way.

Pipe Vault
Their journey takes them next into the dangerous pipe vaults; a network of underground pipes linking different lands playing host to all sorts of deadly enemies from Piranha plants to Podoboos and Goombas. After a brief time they emerge in a new land..

Yo'ster Isle
Upon arriving to Yo'ster Isle and having a short catch up with his pal Yoshi, Mario tried to help Yoshi win a race against Boshi, but due to his dreadful attempt at rhythm Mario and Yoshi were defeated. Mario was about to enter the Pipe Vault once more but felt bad and returned to aid Yoshi againts Boshi once more - this time they were victorious, Yoshi was made the new boss and now all of the Yoshi's are able to race together instead of just one-on-one! after the completion of this good deed Mario resumes his quest and heads back into the Pipe Vault on a course for Moleville.

Mario arrives at Moleville and finds that nearly everyone is up the mountains and no one in the town except the inn keeper and store keeper. On his way to the mountains Mario overhears a familiar voice - It's Bowser and his Koopa Troop in complete disarray, but this time with only Magikoopas and Goombas with him, no shelled Warriors - could they have fallen in battle? Bowser Rallies his troops and heads off in a different direction. Meanwhile two of the mole kids Dyna and Mite (a play on dynamte, which would later play a part!) were playing in the mines when a star piece crashed into the mountain and caused the entrance they were behind to collapse trapping them inside; their parents were trying to dig them out but not having much luck... until Mario appeared to save the day of course.

Mario accompanied by Geno and Mallow ventured thorugh the mines passages and shafts battling lots of mountain dwelling bad guys, he comes across Pa'Mole who tells him that they are gonna need a bomb to get through where Dyna and Mite are stuck. So Mario sets about finding a bomb and comes across a jump pad, jumping up and hitting the mines ceiling knocks him out and he awakes to a familiar face - Croco the crooked reptile and a gang of his Bandits have taken all his coins and items! Mario regains consciousness and watches them run off with all his stuff (Where were Geno and Mallow?! Thanks guys... who needs enemies) - The three pursue Croco and his bandits and eventually fight Croco again - after eventually defeating him they not only get all their own stuff back but also a bomb which can be used to get through the collapsed entrance where Dyna and Mite are!


The bomb is used and the three proceed through the deepest caverns only to come across another obstacle in their path; Punchinello who although greeted them quite calmly at first proved himself insane and prone to fits of rage pretty quickly after. Punchinello is a bomb-like enemy with a short fuse, he is NOT a member of Smithy's Gang, he just lives in the mountain and is generally angry. They eventually defeat Punchinello and find a star piece... shortly after they find Dyna and Mite trying to push a mine cart and after carefully digesting the health and safety rules of the mine take one hell of a cart ride through the mines and eventually out of the mountain, smashing straight through the roof of Ma'Mole and Pa'Moles house! Despite the irreparable damage to their roof and higher future insurance premiums Ma' and Pa' Mole were most grateful for Mario's help. Once again Mario who was already famed for his heroic acts in the past was the talk of the town.

Booster Pass and Boosters Tower
After the short journey from Moleville along Boosters pass Mario reaches Booster's Tower - but his not the first one to arrive there, Bowser is stood gazing at Boosters Tower remembering the good times (ie when he had a castle, when he was the main bad guy etc)... Bowser leaves briefly while Mario tries the door (little did they both know, they were being watched only moments before) as Mario steps back from the door Bowser comes back and smashes down the door he then offers Mario, Geno and Mallow honorary membership to the KOOPA TROOP which the three gladly pretend to accept - Bowser joins the party and the four venture into Boosters Tower.


After various confrontations with Boosters Snifits the four arrive at a locked door with portraits of Booster outside it; this is a puzzle, if you can guess the right order of the Booster portraits (Oldest to youngest) you gain a key for the door - on the other side of the door is a chain chomp who has been locked up since she attacked Booster, Bowser takes the chomp with him and uses it as a weapon... and a formidable one at that! When they reach the top of Boosters Tower they find the tower door is locked by Boosters spell; Mario hides behind the curtains to wait for Booster to open the door... but unfortunately Booster who has lost his Mario doll and insists on using it for the wedding rehearsal sends his snifits to look behind the curtains! Mario is eventually discovered and him and his associates have to take on Booster and his Snifit's.. after beating them they go out onto the balcony where Princess Toadstool has been held captive to find her, booster, and his snifits are gone! As they try to turn back round they are attacked from behind by Grate Guy and Knife Guy. After beating off these two they give chase to Booster who has Princess Toadstool on his back and is running up the hill toward Marrymore to get married with his Snifits in tow!


Mario and the gang give chase and soon arrive at Marrymore.


Mario, Mallow and Geno in Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars

Mario (left), Mallow (centre), Geno (right)

Mario arrives at the scenic mountain town of Marrymore a short time after Booster who has at this point already barricaded himself in the Marrymore Church and kicked out Raz and Raini a young mushroom couple who were about to be wed there with the intent of marrying Princess Toadstool. Mario tries the door but its shut tight! By pure chance Mario stumbles upon a service entrance at the back of the church and enters the building via the kitchens where he passes Chef Torte and his Apprentice hard at work on a monstrous cake. After jumping on the monstrous cake a few times and being thrown on the floor and shouted at by the angry chef Mario enters the main hall of the church with some help from Bowser.


After interrupting Boosters wedding just in time, gaining a kiss from the Princess, Mario gets to witness another kiss - between Booster and Bowser... unsure which one he felt sorry for he headed for the door with the Princess in tow only to be confronted by Chef Torte and his Apprentice who had just bought in the wedding cake (Raspberry/Bundt make up the two parts of this tough cake boss), It wasn't long until the wedding cake started showing signs of abnormality and that this was no ordinary cake.... (Examples of the signs being: Causing Blizzards, Sandstorms, knocking out Geno and Bowser etc)... after a gruelling struggle Mario and his companions had nearly defeated the cake, when booster comes over and swallows what was left of it whole and then declares the wedding officially over and leaves ready to take the Princess back to the Mushroom Kingdom to see the Chancellour...


Return to the Mushroom Kingdom for an audience with the chancellor

All is well on a fine day in the Mushroom Kingdom when Mario returns back with his new friends and presents the Princess to the townspeople and Chancellour. Much to the chancellours horror, Mario also reveals the friends who helped him... Geno, Mallow and most concerningly for the Chancellour - Bowser!  After it is explained that Bowser has helped... it also comes out that Bowser has lost his Keep to Smithy's gang, even though Bowser was reluctant to tell anyone... once Mallow had explained this to the Chancellour... he had one more favour to ask Mario.. to find and defeat Smithy whose gang has been bringing such terrible trouble to their lands - Mario and his new friends all agreed that was their common goal. The Princess suggested that she went with them too but the idea was dismissed by the Chancellour... they all leave the Mushroom Castle to see Princess Toadstool floating down from her bedroom window using an Umbrella and proclaiming that she too would join their party.


The gang were still in need of advice however and Mallow quite rightfully suggests going to see his grandfather; Frogfucius who should know what to do. After a very quick visit to Tadpole Pond Frogfucious advices the group that a large star has been sighted on Star Hill.


Star Hill
Mario and the gang arrive at Star Hill and Geno explains that Star Hill is the place where wishes which have already been granted by the Star Road will fall from... but because of Smithy and his gang destroying the star road, some wishes which have not yet been granted are falling and no more wishes can be granted until the star road is repaired by finding all the star pieces. Geno advises Mario they should set about finding the star Piece that Frogfucious mentioned; Mario agrees and they continue their search.

After talking to flowers to open different parts of Star Hill and being attacked by native Mukumuku's and Geckos (as well as some not so native bandits) they discover the star piece lying there untouched and quickly take it away with them.


* The little stars with faces on the floor, if you go and talk to them, each one is someones ungranted wish!* some of the wishes are below.


  • Please let Mallow find his way home - A wish from Mallow's parents!
  • I wanna be the best treasure hunter in the world
  • If I could JUST get that melody - A wish from Toadovsky?
  • The hunger! Oh for some food!
  • I vant to be a vald class baker - Chef Torte? His apprentice?
  • I wanna be a great plumber, like my brother Mario - A wish from Luigi!
  • (Wish I could run faster) - A wish from Yoshi?
  • I hope I become famous
  • I wish I had some cricket Jam - Frogfucious ?
  • I wish I weren't such a crybaby - Mallow! Who takes offence when Mario reads his wish!

Seaside Town
A coastal resort town in Super Mario RPG where all the locals seem terrified of a pirate not far away at sea who is rumoured to hold a star piece in his territories called Jonathon Jones. The elder of the town asks Mario and co to help find the star piece, defeat Jonathon Jones and bring the star piece to him because he needs it for some mysterious reason. The next step in the journey is to head out to sea and find the Sunken Shipwreck in which the star piece is likely to be heavily guarded by Jonathon Jones and his minions.


The Sea & Sunken Ship

Mario and his growing gang of accomplices enter the sea and after being set upon a few times by angry ocean inhabitants reach a sunken ship and enter it via a pipe; after stocking up on provisions they venture through the shipwreck encountering all sorts of enemies exclusive to this region such as the Zeostars (Starfish?) and Leukos (Jellyfish type creatures) as well as some more familiar enemies like Greapers, Dry Bones, Reachers, Gorgons and Alley Rats. Remember that for the Reachers, Gorgons, Dry Bones and Greapers you can use "PURE WATER" to kill them in one hit - by this point I had loads of PURE  WATER in my bags so it made some fights nice and short.


Off-screen I actually made a point of killing EVERYTHING in this ship because theres loads of enemies, didnt do it on video as didnt want to bore people for 3 hours - I did this to get all players levelled up to the highest they could be ready for the boss fight with Jonathon Jones. It should also be noted that I purchased top level armor, weapons for all characters from the vendor just inside the sunken ship.


Mario arrives at a room with loads of Blocks with Blue J's written on them and at each block is asked to select a letter - Mario needs to select the correct password using the blocks and then speak the password into the Brass Microphone on the wall to proceed - the password for this is PEARLS. Spell the world PEARLS with the block and speak into the Brass Microphone and the door will open. Mario and his gang enter through the door to see a long room ahead with huge holes in the rotted wood of the ship... and then they encounter KING CALAMARI a giant squid boss with eight tentacles. King Calamari is the reason there was a sunken ship in the first place, having sunken it and dwelled within it ever since. The reason King Calamari has 8 tentacles and not 10 is because when he attacked the ship two were cut off by the former crew.


Many of the travel logs on the walls of the sunken ship were written by its former crew and refer to the disaster that King Calamari caused when he attacked the ship.


After defeating King Calamari and proceeding through the eerie sunken halls of the ships Mario is overjoyed to see an unguarded question block, anxious to know what treasures await inside Mario punches it only to sigh with disbelief when out pops HIDON a unique enemy (Literally, there is only one in the whole game, and lucky you, you found him Mario) - a very strong enemy defencively against almost everything - the best thing to use against him is Mario's jump attacks. This enemy has extremely strong attacks too with moves like Carni Kiss a biting move doing severe damage to one party member, or area of effect attacks like STATIC E which can hit the whole group in one go - he also has two more single target devastatingly strong attacks - Willy Wisp and Flame Stone - both of which can hit really hard... and if that wasn't enough - he has a tendency to throw out 4 or 5 vicious little Goombettes to aid him in battle against Mario and pals. During battle with this foe both Princess Toadstool and Mario were incapacitated and Bowser stood a hero bringing down both Hidon and his Goombettes. Mario and his companions take a brief time to heal their battle scars and continue through the bowels of this sunken and ghostly old ship.


Many more sea dwelling enemies such as Blooper, Mr. Kipper etc do not take kindly to Mario's visits and proceed to attack him and his followers... after fighting his way through the perilous waters the group is relieved to arrive at a dry room again... only to be greeted by the most sinister enemies encountered in the ship so far - Deadly Pirate sharks called Bandana Red, henchmen of the scourge of the Seaside Sea himself -  Jonathan Jones, battle ensues and Mario, Bowser and Princess Toadstool prevail... the Pirates rush to the upper deck to warn them of Mario's presence. After reaching the upper deck and beating the pirate guards outside Jonathan Jones' lair Mario enters Jonathans lair, office, room? and ask that he kindly hands back the Star Piece - but as the Star Piece fell into as Jonathan put it "MY sea" he would prefer to keep custody of it. Jonathan Jones accompanied by four of his Bandana Blue bodyguards begin to attack Mario, Mallow and Toadstool. After the Bandana Blue's are defeated and Jonathan is around half health he calls out Mario for a 1v1 duel. Mallow and Toadstool reluctantly watch as the battle continues and Jonathan calls in two more Bandana Blue's for moral support. When Mario eventually defeats Jonathan Jones he very surprisingly actually hands over the star piece - although a pirate Jonathan Jones is an honourable gangster shark of his word.

Having claimed back the sixth star piece and Jonathans respect and friendship Mario and his companions bid Jonathan farewell and head back to Seaside Town excited to show the "village elder" that they got him the star he so needed!


Return to Seaside Town

Mario rushes back to Seaside town and sees the village elder and a couple of the Towns people in the distance anxiously awaiting him, but something isn't right - it soon becomes apparently that this is infact not the village elder and the Towns People at all but one of Smithy's Lieutenants, a spear-like enemy called Yaridovich who has been taking on the guise on the village elder the whole time so that Mario would go and retrieve the star piece for him without him having to personally lift a finger!


Yaridovich demands the Star Piece from Mario and when he refuses to hand it over Yaridovich begins tickling the real village elder and threatens to continue to tickle this innocent old man until death... or at least a bit of wee.. Mario reluctantly hands over the star piece and Yaridovich in his various guises darts off to meet "his transport" to the west-most part of Seaside town. Mario gives chase and finds Yaridovich is still waiting for Blade, the battleship of the Axem Rangers  who are late in picking them up; Yaridovich decides he is going to make a swim for it - then just as Yaridovich is about to enter the water out pops Jonathan Jones and two of his most fierce Bandana Blue bodyguards blocking Yaridovich's path and stating that the star was a gift to his mate Mario


Yaridovich reverts to his true form as a giant Spear and gets ready for combat - Jonathan Jones and his Bandana's jump back into the water and leave Mario to deal with Yaridovich - Jonathan Jones and his bodyguards were not involved in the fight personally because they cannot be out of the water for long periods of time.

With Yaridovich defeated Mario turns around to find a note stuck to a nearby tree from Jonathan Jones which he attached before he left - the note reads:-


To Mario,

Knowin' you it must've been a breeze knockin down Yarid eh?

By the way, my pirates say they saw a huge AX flyin' across the sky. Its probably one of Smithy's nasty friends. Go GET him pal!

Well, my gills are failing on me, so I'll be headin' back down. Drop in whenever you have time ok?

Your true mate,

Jonathan "Johnny" Jones


After reading the note and with a feeling of "oh no what now" type dread, Mario notices a golden key on the ground where he'd been fighting Yarid, after obtaining it he realises it seems to open some sort of ... SHED. It has also become apparent that Smithy himself has dispatched his minions in the hunt for stars, so now the path ahead may be even more difficult for our heroes.


Mario consults the REAL village elder at Seaside Town for advice on what to do next - he speaks of some Monsters from Monstro Town bragging about "their star" - could this be where the next star piece is waiting? The elder is not able to advice exactly how far away Monstro town it is, only give its general direction... towards that of lands end.


Lands end - the Path to Monstro Town

The journey to Monstro Town from Seaside Town spans many vast and dangerous lands including whirlpools of sinking sand... it later turns out that Mario and his associates must repeatedly enter these sandy whirlpools hot on the heels of the Shoguns in order to access the underground path that they are to follow, upon arriving underground they see the whole place is teeming with dangerous enemies, Mario finds a star and smashes through piles of enemies gaining the whole gang a load of experience and even some additional levels.


Stopping only to spend 50 coins on having his fortune told Mario continues to stride boldly where no man has gone... for a while into the Bowels of Belome temple. Mario and his gang confront Belome; who doesn't seem to recall the beating they dished out to him last time and he proceeds in trying to eat them (again). After seeing some impressive new moves from Belome including his new ability to clone them after just one taste they give Belome yet another good kicking.and continue into the next room where the Pipe to Monstro Town awaits!


Monstro Town

This town is situated at the side of a steep cliff face and only really accessed like Mario just did via Belomes Temple and the underground path. The town is home to a lot of reformed monsters - Mario has travelled here to see their star for himself. - he arrives at a house occupied by not a monster, but a Toad Lady called Monstermama who points out that "OUR" star is upstairs.. Mario goes up to take a look, and sure enough - it is a star! He comes back down and Monstermama tells him that if he wants to find the last remaining star piece his going to need to start looking up to the skies, as this is the last place on land. Just as they are having this discussion Sergeant Flutter and two of his Paratroops come darting in, albeit slightly later than they had planned..... Monstermama asks Sergeant Flutter if he and his men will help Mario scale the cliffs to which they agree and head out to get into position at the cliff face.


Before leaving Monstro Town Mario decides to take a nap in an unoccupied building with only a bed and Mushroom lamp for furniture and a sign saying you are welcome to rest here signed off by "The Three Musty Fears" (A play on the three musketeers?) - Mario sets down his head for some much needed rest after a long time travelling... while he is sleeping little does he know that a Boo, a Drybones and a Greaper are about to incorporate him into one of their games. They hide several items around Monstro Town and give Mario the clues of where to find them in his dreams - Mario will get a prize if he finds all three of the items they have hidden.


The next morning, Mario; a little concerned by his dream continues to go about his final business in Monstro town; and heads to the local store to pick up some supplies for the journey ahead. No one was more surprised to see that the manager of the store was infact a Goomba who went AWOL from Bowser's army when Smithy took over his castle! The Goomba looked very surprised and was instantly apologetic for leaving Bowsers army and stated that he was too scared to fight Smithy - Bowser, as out of character as this sounds said it was OK and he had new recruits now - the Goomba then offered to help equip Bowser for his trip and introduced his Goomba children to him. Mario collects his supplies and Bowser bids farewell to his former soldier.


Mario tries the next door and finds that its sealed... what could be inside? Oh wel! They continue anyway and reach the gym of Jinx, a tiny little guy who packs a serious punch - Jinx doesnt seem to be around when they enter, but again to Bowsers suprise another familiar face - Jagger, a hammer bro who used to serve in his army was before his eyes! Again the awkward "err sorry for going AWOL" conversation commences and Bowser is quite accepting once more. Jinx then offers the challenge of combat in the gym to Mario and his gang - after a good effort from Jagger he is beaten, and it is then that Jinx reveals himself - he had been around the whole time. After a very close fight Jinx was eventually defeated.


Realising they still had Sergeant Flutter and his Paratroopas waiting for them they moved on quickly to meet them at the Cliff face where the Paratroopas had formed a position that would allow Mario to scale the cliff by jumping from Troopa to Troopa.


The Dreaded Beanstalk

Mario and the gang are heading up a selection of giant beanstalks on the way up to Nimbus land, its only now that they realise the true pain of isometric platforming as their attempts to jump from beanstalk to beanstalk end in misery for quite a while. After what can only be described as a traumatic and arduous transit the gang are very relieved to make it to Nimbus land.


Nimbus Land

At the top of the bean stalk is Nimbus land, a kingdom in the sky where the residents looks suspiciously Mallow-like, just as they emerge the attention of the townspeople is diverted by Valentina who is addressing people to update them on the Kings health problems and that he is very ill and they are soon to lose their "magnificent ruler" - but she also has good news, Valentina has found Prince Mallow... the missing prince; Valentina calls out the long lost prince, but he doesn't appear.... after a few polite yells from Valentina "Prince Mallow" emerges... He is a lot fatter and more birdlike than he was previously which gives the townspeople brief cause for concern, but he had been missing a long time so he was bound to look a little different.


In front of all of the townspeople "Prince Mallow" supposedly whispers to Valentina that he'd like to marry her; and although "surprised" at this proposition Valentina soon finds the composure to agree.


Mallow: Can you believe it?! What a coincidence! There's a prince with the same name as ME!


After shopping for more supplies for their journey to find the next star piece Mario and Mallow visit Garro, a talented sculptor of fine statues who hasn't had much work since King Nimbus became ill. Just as Mario and Mallow introduce themselves Garro appears to recognise Mallow as the long lost prince! It slowly occurs to Mallow that the missing prince is actually himself; the three then discuss that the King and Queen are being held captive by Valentina so she can take rulership of the Kingdom and with fire in his eyes Mallow sets about busting into the castle, only the be thrown back by the guards.


Between Mario, Mallow and Garro they decide Garro should paint them as statues and take them in with the rest of the statues that Valentina has ordered to sneak them inside the castle past the guards. Once inside they find the place to be riddled with Valentinas henchmen; Sling Shys, Orbisons, Bluebirds as far as the eye can see. Eventually finding a locked door they believe this is where Mallow's parents are being held, Bowser volunteers to show off his brute strength and smash down the door but Mallow insists that if his parents are really that ill then they shouldn't make so much noise and should find the key.


Deeper inside the castle they come across a giant egg and commence attacking it because something inside "wants to play" - when out pops Birdo, after kicking seven bells out of Birdo they find Tubby Prince Mallow aka Dodo and Valentina in the throne room - once they realise who Mario is they soon make a run for it down corridors again riddled with enemies, Mario, Mallow and the others give chase but unfortunately run through a door which leads to Thin air, plumetting down quickly the situation looks dire, but fortunately they land on a cloud just beneath the main town of Nimbus land and are able to quickly return to the town where they see Valentina being questioned by the towns people giving Mario and Mallow time to catch her up!


A battle ensues between Mario, Princess Toadstool and Mallow and Valentina and Dodo. Dodo flies off taking Princess Toadstool with him, the two duel 1v1 until Princess Toadstool uses her superior intellect (and Bombs.) to beat him back. The pair rejoin the main fight and eventually after a huge amount of jiggling from Valentina she retreats with Dodo and again manages to escape, sadly carrying the key for the room that Mallow's parents are locked in. Just as Mario starts to get angry and upset that she escaped with the key, it falls out of the sky and hits him on the head! And no one had ever been happier to have a blunt object dropped on them from great height as Mallow!


Mallow races back into the palace and finally reunites with his parents. Shortly after Mario, Bowser, Princess Toadstool and Geno all enter and are introduced to Mallow's parents one by one, Mallow's parents express their gratitude to the group (mostly Mario) for looking after their son - they advise that the last star piece is within the volcano, guarded by a Czar Dragon and tell Mario that he should seek out Hinopio who will be able to help them. The gang take a moment of respite in the Royal Hotsprings to revitalise before heading into the Volcano.


Into the Barrel Volcano & the Czar Dragon

Mario and the gang tread carefully as they enter the "musty" depths of the very bowels of the Barrel Volcano. With Molten rock to greet them at every turn, difficult obstacles and enemies such as Corkpedites, Oerklions, Chained Kongs, Dry Bones and Magmus' the gang really have their work cut out.


Half way through the journey through the mountain they see a Toad-like fellow in the distance - It's Hinopio; the guy whose Mallow parents said could help them. He has a whole setup in the volcano including armor, weapons and even an Inn to stay at if you need to.


Fun fact: The three model cars at the back right of Hinopio's store are cars playable in SNES Classic title F-Zero.


The brave adventurers get better equipped for the showdown ahead and continue on their path to find the Czar Dragon and the next star piece. A bridge lies ahead, but not just any bridge - this one would certainly not pass health and safety inspections - Raging Lava beneath, jumping fireballs between every step... and to make matters worse if you stay on any single part of the bridge too long you are going straight to the frying pan after a few near misses Mario and Co reach the other end of the bridge to see a lot of fireballs swirling around each other... they then start to form a shape.... the Czar Dragon has revealed itself.


Princess Toadstool, Mallow and Mario begin to attack the beast with everything they've got, after a long period of battle Princess Toadstool winds back for a powerful hit with her Umbrella and slays the beast up through his underbelly; the Czar Dragon collapses into the molten rock beneath him but before our heroes can even breathe a sigh of relief they see that the partys not over just yet.... The Czar Dragon raises again, its flesh burned away by the Molten Rock... it now takes on the form of Zombone, a ferocious skeletal dragon... After nearly being beaten and having to use a lot of supplies to stay alive the heroes claim the star piece in the room behind the dragon... unfortunately for them while they were celebrating this victory none other than the Axem Rangers appeared out of nowhere and made off with the star piece...


The Axem rangers darted off up the winding rocky paths of the Volcano toward its summit where it is there intention to escape onboard their Ship "Blade" with the star piece and take it to Smithy. Blade turns up slightly later than expected allowing Mario, Princess Toadstool and Mallow to catch up and just about jump onboard blade with them before they can make off with the star piece. Mario knew tactically the best idea would be to take down Axem Pink (The healer), Axem Green (caster of powerful magic spells) followed by Axem Black who can multiple strike for lots of damage to different players; after defeating these three it was plain sailing to take down the remaining Red and Yellow Axems...The three recapture the star piece and head back to Nimbus Land.


Reclaiming Bowser's Castle

Mallow and Mario arrive back at the Palace in Nimbus Land to inform Mallow's parents that they successfully obtained the star piece from the Czar Dragon (and then the Axem rangers). King and Queen Nimbus allow the heroes to use the Royal Bus to get quickly to Bowsers castle in the path to find that last star to restore balance to the star road.


Bowser seems pleased to be back at his castle and vows to make Smithy pay for stealing it, spurred on by the smell of boiling lava; Bowser with his new allies stride boldly down his once great halls now infested by Smithy's henchmen and set about taking it back.


A new and unexpected modification had been made within Bowser's Castle to make it even harder to proceed. The Six doors - behind each door lies a challenge, 2 contain puzzles, 2 contain grueling fights to the death and 2 contain action levels - some of which are actually very tough - you are best off taking the fights and the quizzes, because those action ones are treacherous!


After beating 4 of the doors you are allowed to proceed. Our heroes finally reach Bowser's old throne room, everything looks quiet until a voice from above addreses Mario - it's Boomer, one of Smithy's top henchmen stood on one of the chandeliers (one of the chandeliers on which Mario and Bowser fought at the start of the game!), it was obligatory to have Bowser in the team for this fight as well as all other fights in his old castle - Princess Toadstool, Mario and Bowser give Boomer a beating and the Chandelier he is on crashes to the ground.


The chandelier that Mario fought on then gives the three a lift to the very top spire of the castle where Bowser accompanied by Mario and Princess Toadstool get to finally take on Exor, the giant Sword which originally hurled Bowser from his castle when it so rudely landed in the middle of it. Exor is protected by his eyes which have strong magical properties... after a few aggressive assaults on Exor's eyes Exor's protection was lowered and he finally became vulnerable - a couple of drill claws and mega gloves later Exor was beaten and the portal to the other world which Smithy and his gang are from is revealed... Bowser's Castle is reclaimed - but in order for things to stay that way they will all have to travel to Smithy's world and defeat him once and for all.


Smithy's Factory

Mario and his company follow the now open vortex to the other world in which Smithy resides. They land in a dark and desolate place that Geno points out is the route to find Smithy. Bowser does not want to help any further as he has his castle back now, but Geno eventually convinces him that they need to defeat Smithy or his castle could easily be taken off him again, grudgingly Bowser continues - insisting that Mario, as a member of the Koopa Troop must help with repairs when they get back.


This world features many difficult obstacles and is rigged completely with opportunities to cause trouble for our heroes.... its a particularly difficult world to navigate with many places and ways you can fall to your doom - to compound this problem you are also right in the middle of Smithy's Factory production line with a seemingly never ending stream of new enemies being pumped out on Conveyor belts. New enemies in this world can be deadly for example Hippop with its sandstorm attacks can hit all three party members pretty hard.


Before reaching Smithy's main production facility a few other tough bosses stand in there way... and supplies are running short... an aggressive Alarm clock called Count Down is first up, be especially weary to keep the group topped up to max HP for when he uses FEAR ROULETTE  - hitting a random target for huge damage.. once you've knocked SEVEN BELLS out of him and its TIME to go you will continue to fight your way through the production facilities of Smithy's World which are simply teeming with newly manufactured and ghostly enemies.


Cloaker and Domino two of Smithy's high ranking soldiers in Super Mario RPG

Cloaker (left) and Domino (right)


Mario and the gang jump into a small hatch in the floor figuring it might lead somewhere... however this is a trap set by Cloaker and Domino; Cloaker favours physical combat with a shield and sword where Domino uses magic and has a giant pet snake called the Mad Adder. Having a moment of tactical and strategic failure Mario attacks Cloaker first and encourages Bowser and Princess Toadstool to do the same... despite this momentary lapse of tactical thinking they are still able to win this fight and move deeper into the mysterious production facilities of the Smithy gang, supplies now running desperately low... the entrance to the main production facility in sight the group continues as quickly as they can on their mission to stop Smithy and regain the final star piece...


As they enter the factory they see the Clerk and overhears him saying he is going to build a new army to replace Yaridovich, the Axem rangers and Bowyer and that Smithy will have a new army in no time.... having had quite enough of Smithy's minions plots they proceed to engage the Clerk in battle and easily overwhelm him... just as they are about to move onto the next room they hear a familiar voice... its Toad! And his bought "as much as he can carry" worth of supplies... this lifting the morale of our heroes and allowing them to get properly equipped for the battles that lay ahead.


The next part of the production facility is the managers office, he put up more of a fight than the Clerk but was still no match for our battle hardened and newly refreshed and equipped heroes, in the next room they found the director and politely asked him to stop production... he didn't take this request kindly and attempts to eliminate Mario and the other "dissenters"... after a vicious battle against the director and his hammer minions they knew they were ever closer to Smithy, they could practically smell it. Quickly saving the game incase anything terrible and unexpected happens in the next fight the team continues to the next room where they are confronted by the Factory Chief who puts up a stronger fight than the clerk, manager and director but is still defeated by our determined heroes. An ominous looking switch is just ahead, could this be to deactivate production? Mario takes a run up and gives a good old fashioned jump n stomp to flick the switch, which then activates a machine to grab them.. they find themselves hovering above a set of warp pipes and jump off into one...


They land in a new place with a thud to finally see Smithy face to face where they demand the final star piece from him, he thinks it would be a better idea that they surrender their star pieces to him enabling him to easily conquer their world and the final showdown begins. Smithy is extremely resilient against most special attacks and it seems that physical attacks work best (though I have been working on increasing the damage done by physical attacks all game)... use Princess Peach to keep the party topped up with group hug and use any Rock Candy you can at this point. Look out for the SLEDGE attacks, which are basically the big pillars which come out of the sky to crush you (as seen in some Super Mario World castles). After throwing everything they have at Smithy he is still very much alive and not yet beaten.... he starts to get extremely angry... his rage rocks the very room in which they fight!


It gets so shaky in the building that a Shyster and two drill bits have to come out and ask Smithy to calm down, warning him that the foundations are too weak because they were only recently built. Smithy smashes down his hammer angrily one more time throwing his minions aside and making the room completely collapse. Mario, Princess Toadstool, Bowser and Smithy all fall to what looks like some sort of bizarre graveyard for badly manufactured bits of Smithy's army. In his fury Smithy now reveals his true form and just as Mario and the gang didn't think things could get any worse, his head then changed into a full on tank, and then into something really nasty which sort of resembled the Emperor from Star Wars followed by something that looked awfully similar to Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles - Smithy truly is a worthy opponent!


After a long and deadly showdown Smithy finally melts down and is left in ruin, amidst the ruin of the battle in this strange world, the last star piece is revealed. Geno then addresses the whole group to thank them - the star road has been restored at last their quest is over. Geno's spirit having completed his mission then departs from Gaz's doll and flies around the heroes in a star form. Mario and the gang head back to their world and sight Bowsers castle in the distance - the skies clearing, Exor gone and things ... returning to normal... I'll leave the rest of the ending for you to watch so I don't spoiler anything for anyone who lives in a cave.


Other videos & Specials


Super Mario RPG - All Bosses Video



A video of all the standard boss fights in Super Mario RPG, excludes Culex, second and third battles with Jinx, and Hidon who I consider a mini boss in his own right because of how tough he is.


Super Mario RPG - Culex, the hidden boss in Monstro Town




Culex has a massive 13,000+HP when combined with his crystals, I found him more difficult to beat than Smithy. As a memento of the battle Culex gives you a Quartz Charm if you beat him.


Super Mario RPG - Characters and references from other games (Link, Samus, F-Zero, Starwing)




The above video includes Samus sleeping in the guest room at the Mushroom Castle, Link asleep in the Inn at Rose Town when Mario wakes up, and the models of the AR Wing from Star Wars, the Blue car from F-Zero and another model, potentially another F-Zero car in Hinopio's Shop in the Barrel Volcano.


Super Mario RPG - Mario Dojo, Rounds 2 and 3 with Jinx




After you beat Jinx for the first time, he mentions that you should have a rematch, and he means it. You can fight him two more times, and each time you fight him he becomes more difficult. Once you beat him the third time, he announces Mario the sensei of the dojo, and him and Jagger immediately begin to train "Mario style" - starting with 1000 non stop jumps!


Super Mario RPG - The Three Musty Fears & The Ghost Medallion



If you stay in the musty room with only a bed in it, in Monstro Town, the Three Musty fears will come to you while you are sleep and invite you to play a game, they have hidden three flags around the world and if you can find them all they'll give you a grand prize, heres how to find the flags and get the Ghost Medallion.


Have I forgotten any Super Mario RPG secrets or special stuff that should be shown here? Let me know and I'll add.


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