Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters (SNES) Playthrough
Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters (SNES)
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Whats more gruesome than doing a playthrough of Mario is Missing?.. well doing a playthrough of Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters I thought, I was wrong. I didn't suffer emotionally as much during this one.


So I take great pleasure in subjecting you to... I mean presenting to you an eighteen part world by world playthrough of this SNES Edutainment title from 1993 in the playlist below. You can click the top left of the playlist and skip to different and more exciting worlds at your own leisure.


We are trying to playthrough (and lets play in some cases) all Mario games from the very start to the very end (ie modern day) so I'm getting these ones out of the way first!

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Some of my personal highlights of this game are as below. (I have personal highlights of this?? Amagad.)


Sentence World

  • Sentence World part 1. "The Pig is Wet"
  • Sentence world part 2. "The Princess has a big cup"
  • Sentence world part 3. "Mario _____ in the log" - Omg Mario, thats disgusting.

First Letter World

  • First Letter world part 1 - Mario vanquished his foes in Sentence World and immediately descends upon First Letter World. What new dangers await?
  • First Letter world part 2 - The only way Mario can save everything he once held dear is to pick a word that starts with the letter P.
  • First Letter world part 3 - In the final phase of first letter world a familiar soundtrack is playing in the background, Mario wakes up screaming and covered in cold sweat remembering the Mario is Missing SNES Playthrough I put him through last week...... AAARRRRRGHHH

Vowel World

  • Vowel World part 1 - Based in the sea. Mario found the fish, that starts with F, the alligator that starts with an A. Unfortunately for the Anteater, Mario also found a water damaged Anteater, I believe it started with an A.
  • Vowel World part 2 - Still holding his breath Mario continues his quest by starting letters that begin with an E.
  • Vowel World part 3 - Mario takes on many words beginning with the vowel I.. it's all plain sailing until he finds himself face to face with "Icky Iggy"

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