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Super Mario Bros. Super Show Episode 4: Mario's Magic Carpet Episode Guide

Super Mario Bros Super Show header. General information

First Aired
07th September 1989

Written by
Rowby Goren

Guest Stars
Lyle Alzado (himself), Lou Albano (Marianne), Danny Wells (Luigeena)

Super Mario Bros. Super Show Cartoon Episode 04 - Mario's Magic Carpet


Rate this episode: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 3.50 (1 Vote)


Well hello there, ::waves:: let me guide you through another routine episode in the land of rather illogical yet endearing at times showness, The Super Mario Bros. Super show…! Cue the intro.. the addictive game theme song wrapped up within a rap and promoting the idea of being hooked upon the brothers.

Okay… now two Italian ladies, the cousins of the brothers, are informed via Mario and a corded landline telephone that a well known NFL defensive end, Lyle Alzado is on his way over… thus confirming the brothers will not simply fix a sink, they will invite you over for lunch… if you are a professional football player!

Next comes the cartoon segment: Mario’s Magic Carpet. Plumber’s log #437 searching for Aladdin’s lamp to free Princess Toadstool’s people. Mario imagines mirage style that a camel’s slurping tongue is a waterfall. The next mirage is more dangerous than spittle as it is a fake swimming pool trap-oline. The group of bipeds is then flung into a castle the Sultan resides within. His profoundly huge palace desires slaves among the males of the group and expects a new harem member of the female. Ugh… where is the reverse harem for wii ladies? Princess Toadstool informs the man that she has no desire to participate in antiquated practices yet he reinforces that he does not care about her permission or desire. The sexist Sultan tires of the willful Princess who refuses to wear the harem costume and the Sultan opts to sell her in an attempt to ease his mind. King Koopa offers to buy the princess from the frustrated man requesting 54 urns of chopped chicken liver… what would the food loving bros. say of liver?

Meanwhile, the brothers enlist the help of a genie from within a magic lamp. She looks like an elder Wilma Flintstone and performs as would Aunt Clara from classic television series Bewitched. Instead of conjuring a magical spell she creates a horrible smell. King Koopa next takes the princess upon a magic carpet. The Mario bros. ask the genie to help them fly. She is soooo unsurprisingly unable… and Toad suggests a used flying carpet lot! The group tracks down Koopa and when he sees them he releases the Princess from his carpet into a pit of quicksand. The brothers hear of this news and race downward from the sky to land in time to save the Princess and Koopa calls in pigeons. The pigeons are redirected by Luigi when he speaks to them and informs them of the tasty possibilities probably contained within Koopa’s Carpet. The pigeons do their job and the genie is now with Koopa who vows never to forget the incident.

It is interesting that as a New York plumber Luigi would know the indigenous tongue of the birds while the BIG BAD scoundrel King does not have the time to delve into the dialect of the minions he himself has dominion of. This animated episodic content handled allegorical social issues while also appropriating the story of Aladdin, Bravo.
The moral to be mindful of due to this episode is perhaps as follows: Never trust a palace with a flip top roof?

Back in the live action world…refreshments are necessary for the incoming football star, so Mario and Luigi leave after preparing a grocery list. Lyle shows up and Marianne and Luigina soon arrive. The two female cousins are the two actors dressed as female cousin characters (Lou Albano as Marianne and Danny Wells as Luigina).


Trivia & Bloopers


  • King Koopa orders a dozen Pidgits from the Pidgit Express but only receives 9. He is yet to file a complaint with trading standards, they must have seen him coming!

  • Throughout the episode King Koopa's magic carpet keeps on changing colour from blue to yellow.

  • In the first scene in which King Koopa and Princess Toadstool are both on his magic carpet he is on the right side driving, but in every other scene in the episode he is on the left side.

  • The VHS cover shows Mario driving a carpet with a steering wheel, the carpet on the cover also appears entirely different to the one actually featured in the episode.

Mario, Luigi, Toad and the Grumpy genie on Mario's Magic Carpet




  • Lou Albano voicing both Mario and the first appearing Pidgit

  • Danny wells voicing Luigi

  • Jeannie Elias voicing Princess Toadstool

  • John Stocker voicing Toad, two of the Pidgits (the second and fourth ones to appear) and the main servant of the Sultan.

  • Harvey Atkin voicing King Koopa, Sultan Pasbah and the third Pidgit

  • Diane Fabian voicing the Genie

  • Greg Morton voicing the fifth Pidgit

  • Rob Cowan voicing the sixth Pidgit

Images from this episode




Watch Super Mario Bros. Super Show Episode 04 - Mario's Magic Carpet online



Marianne and Luigeena (Live Action Sketch)


Mario and Luigi's irritating female cousins come to visit but end up spending the time flirting with Lyle Alzado.


Images from this Live Action Sketch