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Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy Character Profile & Biography

Princess Daisy profile image

Character fact sheet

Name: Princess Daisy, Daisy

First Appearance: Super Mario Land (1989)

Home: The Kingdom of Sarasaland

Voiced by: Deanna Mustard

Associates: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach Toadstool

General profile

Daisy if often seen wearing colours like yellow, orange and green; her image, abilities and personality often represents flowers, hence the name Princess "Daisy". Daisy is portrayed wearing a floor length yellow and orange dress with wrist-length gloves. Daisy's dress has puffy sleeves with white floral frills peering out the openings. Daisy's collar is also a white floral frill, as well are the openings of her gloves.


In most of the recent Mario sports instalments for the Gamecube, Wii, and DS systems, Daisy's "primary sports outfit" includes orange shorts, a yellow sleeveless shirt, and the usual flower accessories. In Mario Smash Football, Daisy wears a two-piece soccer outfit. The outfit consists of an orange midriff-baring crop top with turquoise as a secondary colour and white. In Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Daisy wears a winter outfit that is exclusive to all of the game's events. The contents include white skate boots with yellow lacing, white winter gloves, and the usual flower jewellery including crown.

Princess Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, however her current residence is at the Mushroom Kingdom. During the events of Super Mario Land, Sarasaland which is a neighbouring desert to the Mushroom Kingdom, is invaded by the space invader Tatanga.


He hypnotizes her people and turns them into his army, and he kidnaps their leader Princess Daisy. Mario attempts to rescue her and save the people of Sarasaland who are an army ready to attack him!



Daisy has no particular enemies of note at present, though Tatanga the Mysterious spaceman has been known to terrorise her kingdom of Sarasaland from time to time he was exiled long ago by the Mario Brothers.



  • Birdo - Daisy and Birdo have occasionally shown to be friends. In Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64), when choosing Daisy in the doubles tournament mode, her default partner will be Birdo.

  • Luigi - Sometimes suggested that Luigi has a romantic interest in Daisy. Luigi and Daisy have been portrayed as a couple on numerous occasions. In Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, they're seen golfing alongside Peach and Mario.

  • Mario - Daisy was rescued by Mario from the clutches of Tatanga in Super Mario Land and she rewarded him with a kiss.

  • Princess Peach - Daisy and Peach have been shown to be best friends since Daisy's big comeback in Marion Tennis for the Nintendo 64. While Daisy and Peach are considered to be best friends, they are often rivalled against each other in games like Mario Smash Football.

  • Waluigi - Daisy and Waluigi started appearing as regulars in the Mario series around the same time. It has also been suggested there may be romantic relations between them.


Princess Daisy's debut was in Super Mario Land in 1989 and she has appeared in over 30 games since. Years after her initial appearance Daisy started appearing in more games due to the lack of human species.