Nintendo announces partnership with UK channel E4 to show Mario Kart 8 events
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Mario Kart 8 race highlights to be shown on UK Channel E4

For all the UK readers out there, we have great news, E4 has partnered with Nintendo in order to broadcast gameplay from Mario Kart TV, shorts sent will end up on Miiverse, Youtube and E4 itself. E4 told us some stuff about this:

Channel 4 Sales today announced a new partnership with E4 and Nintendo to celebrate its latest release Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, due
to hit the shelves on Friday 30th May.

Mario Kart 8’s new Mario Kart TV feature allows players to share a 30, 45 or 60-second highlight reel of their best race moments with
their friends immediately after play via Nintendo’s MiiVerse social network and YouTube.

In this exclusive partnership with E4, from the game’s release on Friday 30th May to Monday 2nd June, players using Mario Kart TV
to upload their race highlights to MiiVerse and YouTube, will also be able to enter a competition to win one of five chances to have
their race highlights broadcast on E4. Players can enter their details for a chance to win via a linked E4 Nintendo competition page.

Each evening from Monday 2nd June to Friday 6th June, one winning player’s race highlights showreel, including the player’s name,
will be broadcast in commercial airtime at approx. 8.10pm on E4. The five winners will also each win a real-life Mario Kart cup.

So now you know it, be a show off and you may just have a perfect way to show your superiority in Mario Kart. I remember some god-tier plays on Mario Kart 64, or even Super Mario Kart, there is no such thing as a bad Mario Kart game, however we've got a discussion over at the forums to see what your LEAST FAVOURITE MK game was so feel free to come and join in.

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