Nintendo Adventure Book 11 - Unjust Desserts
11 - Unjust Desserts

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Unjust Desserts was written by Matt Wayne and was the penultimate of twelve in the Nintendo Adventure Books series - first published in November 1993 by Mammoth Books in the U.K and Simon & Schuster, a division of Pocket Books in the U.S.


Plot Synopsis

Yoshi's Birthday Bash

It's Yoshi's birthday party and Mario, Luigi, and all his dinosaur buddies are there to help him celebrate. All is well until Yoshi slurps down his birthday surprise and suddenly starts gobbling up everything-and everyone-in sight! Can the Mario Bros. control the dinosaur's runaway appetite and rescue his disgruntled lunch?

As in all Nintendo Adventure Books, you control the action. Only you can make the choices that allow Mario and Luigi to overcome the perils they face as they search for the cure to Yoshi's upset stomach. Help them crack codes, solve puzzles, conquer mazes, and subdue enemies. You and the Mario Bros. must outwit a whole new collection Koopa creeps-or go down in final defeat.


[Source: The books back cover.]


The Scoring System

At the end of each Nintendo Adventure Book there is a scoring chart - in Unjust Desserts the scoring system worked as below


  • 1201+ points - "Perfect Plumber"

  • Between 801 and 1200 points - "Dinosaur Explorer"

  • Between 501 and 800 points - "Stomach Surveyor"

  • Between 201 and 500 points - "Plunger Pupil"

  • 200 points or below - "Leaky Gasket"

Puzzles in this book



  • ISBN-10: 0749715464
  • ISBN-13: 978-0749715465

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