New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS) Artwork incl. Enemies, Bosses, Characters + Supporting Artwork
Rendered Artwork

New Super Mario Bros. 2 small logo

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Enemies and Bosses Artwork


Golden Bullet Bill leaving a trail of coins

A Golden  Bullet Bill and a trail of gold coins


Bone Goomba

A Bone Goomba



A  Boohemoth accompanied by two Boo's




Bullet Bill

A Bullet Bill


Godlen Goomba Tower

A gold shell busts up four Golden Goombas


Gold Bullet Bill

A Golden Bullet Bill

Golden Goomba Bone Piranha Plant
A Golden Goomba A Bony Piranha plant

Golden Koopa Paratroopa

A Gold Koopa Paratroopa

Golden Lakitu on cloud

A Golden Lakitu throwing gold coins instead of Spinies, how refreshing.



A Goomba


Another Goomba


Koopa Paratroopa

A Green Koopa Paratroopa

Koopa Troopa

A Green Koopa Troopa


A Reznor breathing fire


Four Reznors rotating on question blocks



A Red Spiny


Group artwork

Full Group Artwork

An art scene from New Super Mario Bros. 2 landscape.


Full version of the box art

A scene featuring Mario and Luigi gathering lots of golden coins


Group Artwork

The artwork from the cover of New Super Mario Bros. 2


Items and objects

1 Up Mushroom

1-Up Mushroom


50 golden block

A Golden 50 Block



A Golden Coin


A Fire Flower


Gold brick block

A Golden version of the brick block


Gold Flower

A Golden Fire Flower


Gold Mushroom

A Golden 1-Up Mushroom


Gold Shell

A Golden Koopa Shell


Golden leaf block

A Golden Leaf Block

Golden ring

A Golden Ring

Invincibility leaf

The Invincibility Leaf


Mega mushroom

The Mega Mushroom


Music block

A Music Block



Green, Red, Blue and Yellow Pipes


Pow Block

A POW Block

Star Coin

A Star Coin


Super leaf


A Super Leaf

Super Mushroom

A Super Mushroom

Super Star

A Star


Switch Block

A P-Switch


Main characters artwork

Golden Mario

Golden Mario throwing a Fireball

Gold Mario and Silver Luigi

Golden Mario and Silver Luigi throwing Fireballs together

Invincible Mario

Mario with invincibility from a Star.


Luigi Carrying Coins

Luigi catching a stack of gold coins

Luigi Fox

Fox Luigi takes flight


Mario marching merilly


Mario Walking

Mario and Luigi

Mario punching coins out of the air and Luigi catching them

Mario Crouch Mario entering a pipe
Mario crouching, charging up for a jump Mario coming out of a pipe
Fire Mario Mario Pound
Fire Mario shoots a Koopa Shell Mario ground pounding
Mario Running Mario running with a shell
Mario running Mario with a green shell
Mario swimming Mario throwing gold fireballs
Mario swimming  
Mario walking Mario walking
Mario running again And again, always in a rush that guy.

Mario hitting a fence

Mario climbing up some mesh fencing and punching it

Mario with a Gold Block on his head

Mario with a gold block on his head, running and leaving a trail of golden coins


Mega Mario stepping ona block

Mega Mario stepping on a brick block


Mini Mario jumping over a lock

Mini Mario jumping on a brick block


Raccoon Mario

Raccoon Mario flying

Raccoon Mario and Fox Luigi

Racoon Mario & Fox Luigi flying side by side

Raccoon Mario gliding down Raccoon Mario hitting a Goomba with his tail
Raccoon Mario preparing for flight Raccoon Mario bashing a Goomba
Solo art of Silver Luigi  
Silver Luigi after throwing a fireball  

White Raccoon Mario

Invincible Mario flying.

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