New Super Mario Bros Cheats & Tips (Nintendo DS)

New Super Mario Bros DS (Nintendo DS) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for New Super Mario Bros (Nintendo DS)


Background bonanza

Load a saved file on which you have completed the game and go to the start of world 1, there will be a blue toad house there, if you go in there will be a selection of patterns, choosing one here will change the background of the touch-screen. The patterns can be purchased with star coins.


There is eventually a fifth background pattern for the touch screen accessible here but to unlock this you first have to collect all 20 star coins, completed all stages and found the hidden exit to every level.


Bonus mushroom houses

Complete a level with the last 2 digits on the time being the same as each other to unlock the following:-

  • Having a time ending in 11, 22 or 33 will make a red mushroom house appear which awards items

  • Having a time ending in 44, 55 or 66 on the timer will mean a green mushroom house appears, giving you a mini game to play where you can win an extra life

  • Having a time ending in 77, 88, 99 then an orange mushroom house will appear and give you a mega mushroom.

Easy Mushrooms

As mega Mario if you ground pound on a multi-coin block all the coins will come out at once, followed by a mushroom.


Play as Luigi

To play as Luigi hold L + R and press A to select a saved game file and you can play as Luigi - only works in single player mode.


Unlockable - Secret Challenge mode

Beat the game, go back to the saved file on which you completed the game, press start on the world map then press L, R, L, R, X(2), Y(2) and you will see a message onscreen "Welcome to the Secret Challenge mode" if you have done this correctly. You can then play certain levels in this new challenge mode, challenge mode versions of levels do not allow the player to go back on themselves (like in the original Super Mario Bros).


Warp to World 4

If you beat the boss of the final castle in World 2 as Mini Mario you will Warp to world 4.


Warp to World 7

If you beat the boss of the final castle in World 5 as Mini Mario you will Warp to world 7.


Warp to World 8

If you beat the boss of the final castle in World 6 as Mega Mario you will Warp to world 8.

If you know about any cheats we don't have, or you have some tips not listed below please let us know and we will add them, crediting the submitter.

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