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The Wii U offers the family play that we were used to on the Wii.


In light of the horrible start the Wii U has had, Nintendo vowed at the start of 2014 to really up its game in terms of promotions and marketing and simply getting their products in the public eye again; as well as directly selling the concept of the Wii U globally.


2013 heralded a year of Microsoft vs. Sony madness and with that backdrop almost forcing a psychology of "choose one or the other" onto consumers, the Wii U spent most of 2013 in the shadows as a result (whilst the Nintendo 3DS continued its success in the handheld market notably).


Normally when Nintendo's marketing and promotion engine starts running, we can expect to see colourful, fun promotional images; and this time is no different. Images source: Nintendo Japan's official site.


Bowser & Kamek exploring the media features of the Wii U

Even Kamek and Bowser can appreciate the multimedia features of the Wii U


The Wii U as a cookinng companion? Sure

The Wii U as a cooking companion? I wish someone had told me that yesterday before I incinerated dinner.


And of course, the Wii U accommodates those dreaded Karaoke lovers.


To me personally, I do not need any of the above features in particular (least of all Karaoke), I play games on my Wii U, but I'm sure there are many people who will find it useful.


So, what do you guys think is the Wii U's most impressive non-gaming feature?

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