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Better check your watch!  Bowser's out to turn back the clock.  Not to Daylight Savings.  No!  To the Dark Ages!

That terrible turtle is using a time machine, called a Timulator, to loot historical artifacts from the past.  His twisted intent?  To build Bowser's Museum, fill it with historic booty, then destroy the time machine.  This dastardly plan will turn time inside out, make the future bend over backwards, and change the course of history.  Forever.

This is no time to let bygones be bygones.  Help Mario stop Bowser before he warps time and puts hiccups in history.  If not, it's back to stone tools and hieroglyphics!  This quest is hot.  If you're too late, it'll be lights out.  Time's up.

Dear Parents,

Mario's Time Machine is intended to be a fun way for kids to learn about history.  But to get the most out of the program, your child may need a helping hand.  Here are some things that you can do to help:

-Encourage your child to read all the clues from people in the game to learn facts about each time period visited with Mario.
-If your child is a young reader, please help by reading clues, History Pages, and answer lists.
-Discuss anything that you know about the times that your child visits with Mario.
-Share newspaper and magazine articles about those times and places with your child-sometimes the Sunday paper has a travel history section.
-Show your child the cities and countries on a map or globe.

Who knows?  In the process of helping your child, you might learn something about history and have fun, too!


To start the game:

1. Make sure your Super Nintendo Entertainment System® (Super NES) is turned off.
2. Put the Mario's Time Machine Game Pak in your Super NES.
3. Turn on your Super NES.
4. At the title screen, press Start.

Use the Game Controller to help Mario on his time travels.

(Diagram of the SNES Controller and its labels)

When Mario arrives somewhere in time, he needs your help to talk to people, to complete his History Page, and to return the artifact stolen out of time.


There are 3 levels with five stolen historical artifacts on each.  After you help Mario return an artifact, you get a Password to another level.  Write down passwords and use them as follows.

1. At the title screen, choose Continue Onward.  Two rows of Apples appear.

2. Press < and > to point to each Apple; then press v and ^ to select the proper letter or number for that Apple.

3. When you are ready, press Start to begin that level.

Inside his castle, Bowser hoards historical souvenirs in his personal museum.  As that terrible tortoise returns from his time travels, he stashes loot, slowly destroying the warp of time and space.  Once the museum is complete, Bowser plans to destroy his time machine, and alter the course of known history.


Visit the museum with Mario and help him snatch artifacts from under Bowser's nose.  In each level, five stolen artifacts are displayed on stands.  Mario can snatch an artifact and put it back, but he can only take one artifact with him on each visit to the past.

Control Pad

< > Move left and right.


B Jump.  Can be used alone or with > and <.
X Snatch a historic artifact off its stand, and put it back.
Y Run faster.  Used with > and <
Right Open and close the History Page
Left Open and close the Timulator.

Ugh, Homework!  But hey wait, with Mario, homework can be fun.  No kidding.

For starters, open Mario's History Pages each time he snatches an artifact in Bowser's museum.  Read over the page, and try to figure out where and when the current artifact belongs.

Hint: The time and place are critical for programming the Timulator.

As Mario travels around in time, he chats with people and discovers cool stuff about history.  Use what you learn with Mario to fill in the blanks on each History Page.  All the answers must be correct before Mario can return a stolen object.


You can open History Pages and study them with Mario just about any time or any place (except when he's Time Surfing).  The History Pages must be completed correctly before Mario can return an artifact!

Control Pad

Use the Control Pad arrows to highlight a blank answer field.  When you are at the bottom of a page, pressing the Control Pad moves between pages.

v ^ Point to answers in lists.


Right  Open and close the History Homework.
X       Open and close a list of fill-in-the-blank answers.  After you point to an answer, press A to fill in the blank.
A       Action button.  Fills in the blank.

If you choose the right answer, that blank is filled in on Mario's History Page.  If you pick a wrong answer, do some research and chat with Mario's friends in time.

Note: When you are somewhere in time, 3 wrong answers will send you back to Bowser's museum.

Bowser may be bad but he's good enough to build a time machine, which he calls the Timulator.  This awesome contraption can be programmed to return Mario to any time or place to return a stolen artifact.  The trick is Mario needs to snag an artifact and you need to review the History Page to figure out where and when the object fits in history.


Once you know where and when you are going, you can program the Timulator with the place and date.

Control Pad

Point to a Timulator setting, then change that setting to the proper city and time.

< >     Point to the different Timulator buttons.
v ^      Change Timulator button settings.

Timulator settings include:

City Button- Find the city name you want.
Date Buttons- Use the four date buttons to set the year that you need.
BC/AD- Know whether you want 1000 BC or 1000 AD.  It makes a BIG difference!


Left     Open and close the Timulator.
A        Action button.  Press A to start Time Surfing.

Note: If you program the wrong city or time here on the Timulator, Mario stays in the museum.  Double click your time and place, then try again.

Time Surfing is cool.  If the Timulator is programmed correctly, Mario can surf to the time and place that an artifact belongs.

Help Mario avoid floating mines and collect mushrooms.  As soon as Mario has 10 mushrooms, he can dive into a whirlpool.  And, wow, there he is somewhere else in history!

Note: If Mario hits a floating mine, you lose all of the mushrooms that he collected.


Time Surfing requires a fine sense of balance and tuning.

Control Pad

< >     Surf left and right.


Y     Surf faster.
Left     Use witht he Control Pad to make a sharper left turn.
Right     Use with the Control Pad to make a sharper right turn.

There's really only one way to get all your History Page done- Mario's got to talk to everyone in each time period.  Walk around and look for doors, or tents, or whatever.  Then use the Game Control to talk.  Luckily, the Timulator translates everything from ancient languages into modern English.

Press X to open a question box.  Press A to ask a question.  When you've found out everything that person has to say, press X again to stop talking.

After you talk to everyone, don't forget to finish filling in your History Page.  You can only return an artifact after your homework is all done.


Mario must talk to everyone and complete the History Pages correctly, before he can return an artifact.

Control Pad

< >     Run left and right.
v ^     Select a question (if there is more than one).


X     Open and close question boxes.
A     Action button.  Ask the selected question.
B     Jump.  Can be used with < and >.
Left     Open and close the hand held Timulator.

When Mario has talked to everybody, use the Control Pad and press X to find the special person associated with the stolen artifact.  Mario can talk to that person and offer the artifact.

To return to the present, press Left and A.

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