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Mario's Time Machine Online Manual

For the Nintendo Entertainment System by The Software Toolworks
12/10/00 by Skrybe (
Thanks to my little brother ( for lending me the manual.

This document may be distributed freely without permission, as long as it
remains unchanged.

Every attempt has been made to make this document as thorough and close to the
original manual as possible. This includes leaving spelling mistakes and poor
grammar intact. Everything in brackets [] is my notes.


Don't have much to say about this one. It's one of Nintendo's "edutainment"
series that my little brother bought when he was a kid. Kinda pathetic
really, it certainly wasn't worth what my brother payed for it. There's no
way to lose the game. The whole point in making an educational game is to
make it challenging so kids will keep coming back to it.


[inside cover]

WARNING: Please read the enclosed consumer information & precautions booklet
carefully before using your Nintendo(R) hardware system or Game Pak.

The Software Toolworks, Inc.
60 Leveroni Court
Novato, CA 94949
(415) 883-3000

[Nintendo seal, liscense, and copyright information]

[table of contents]

NOTE TO PARENTS...............2
GETTING STARTED...............3
GAME CONTROLS.................4
HISTORY TEST.................12

[page 1]

[picture of Mario entering Bowser's Museum]

Better check your watch! Bowser's out to turn back the clock. Not to
Daylight Savings. No! To the Dark Ages!

That terrible turtle is using a time machine, called a Timulator, to loot
historical artifacts from the past. His twisted intent? To build Bowser's
Museum, fill it with historic booty, then destroy the time machine. This
dastardly plan will turn time inside out, make the future bend over backwards,
and change the course of history. Forever.

This is no time to let bygones be bygones. Help Mario stop Bowser before he
warps time and puts hiccups in history. If not, it's back to stone tools and
hieroglyphics! This quest is hot. If you're too late, it'll be lights out.
Time's up.

[page 2]


Dear Parents,

MARIO'S TIME MACHINE is intended to be a fun way for kids to learn about
history. But to get the most out of the program, your child may need a
helping hand. Here are some things that you can do to help:

* Encourage your child to read all of the clues in the game to learn facts
about each time period visited with Mario.

* If your child is a young reader, please help him by reading clues.

* Discuss anything that you know about the times that your child visits with

* Share newspaper and magazine articles about those times with your child -
sometimes the Sunday paper has a travel history section.

Who knows? In the process of helping your child, you might learn something
about history and have fun, too!


[page 3]

[picture of the title screen]

To start the game:

1. Make sure your Nintendo Entertainment System(R) (NES) is turned off.
2. Put the MARIO'S TIME MACHINE Game Pak in your NES.
3. Turn on your NES.
4. At the title screen, press START.

And, uh oh! Bowser traps Yoshi somewhere in the museum!

[page 4]


Use the Game Controller to help Mario on his time travels.

[picture of an old-style Nes controller, with the buttons labeled]

When Mario arrives somewhere in time, he needs your help to get information,
figure out where he is, and to return the artifact stolen out of time.

[page 5]


Left/Right - Run left and right.
Down - Duck down and pick up artifacts. Climb into the Timulator.
Up - Enter a door or look up. Do a spinning jump when used with A to break

Note: Also use the Control Pad to enter Passwords.


A - The action button; use to jump and start the Timulator.
B - Run faster when used with left and right. Jump further when used with A.
Select - Change items in the top window (artifact, clock, or question mark).
Start - Begin the game. Also do stuff with the current item in the top window
- return an artifact, show the Timeline, or ask a person a question.

[page 6]


There are 7 doors with 2 historical artifacts in each room. After you help
Mario return an artifact, you get a Password to another level. Write down
passwords on the chart below and use them as follows:

1. At the title screen, choose CONTINUE.
2. Press left and right to point to each character; then press up and down to
select the proper letter or number to enter the Password.
3. When you are ready, press START to begin that level.

[section to copy down passwords]

[page 7]


Inside his castle, Bowser hoards historical souvinirs in his personal museum.
As that terrible tortoise returns from his time travels, he stashes loot,
slowly destroying the warp of time and space. Once the museum is complete,
Bowser plans to destroy his time machine, and alter the course of known
history. This could mean lights out!

[picture of Mario in Bowser's Museum]

Visit the museum with Mario and Yoshi. After Bowser captures Yoshi, you must
help Mario return all artifacts and pass the History Test to free Yoshi and
save our History.

Help Mario find a door to the Timulator and enter it. (To enter a door press

[page 8]


Bowser may be bad but he's good enough to build a time machine, which he calls
the Timulator. This awesome contraption can be programmed to return to any
time or place that Bowser burgled. The trick is Mario needs to snag an
artifact before he can jump into the Timulator. Then you need to figure out
where and when the object fits in history. This may require some explorations!

[picture of Mario in the Timulator room]

To snag an artifact, Mario must bonk three Koopas off the platforms. When the
artifact appears, Mario needs to run over and pick it up. A hint about the
artifact appears at the top of the screen. Help Mario jump down into the
Timulator. To pick a date in history, use the Control Pad, then press A and
watch Mario travel through a time warp!

[page 9]


There's really only one way to figure out which artifacts belong where -
Mario's got to visit each time period and get all the information he can.
Help Mario walk around and look for information boxes and people. Mario needs
to jump up and bonk each box to get all the information. Each time period has
six clues. He also needs to talk to people. This can only be done when the
question mark is in the top window (press START).

[pictures of Mario in Egypt and on the moon]

Hint: Twirling jumps will break blocks under the info boxes. Be careful not
to break blovks that Mario needs to reach a clue.

[page 10]


To see the Timeline, make sure that the clock appears in the upper window,
then press START.

[picture of the timeline]

Taking notes about the Timeline is a really good idea while Time Travelling
and also helps you pass the History Test. Make a complete list of years,
then scribble down any hints that help you remember where and when. If Mario
is in the wrong time and place, he can always climb back into the Timulator,
time travel back to Bowser's museum, and try, try again!

[page 11]
[space to keep notes about the various times]

[page 12]


After Mario returns all artifacts to their proper place in history, you must
help him pass the History Test to open the door to Yoshi's prison.

Run past all the locked doors to the door marked Test.

Press A to read each Question.

Use the Control Pad to select each correct answer, then press START.

Hint: If you give an incorrect answer, press any button to return to that time
and review the facts in the info boxes.

After you pass the test, enter the door and look for Bowser. Bonk Bowser
until he drops the key to Yoshi's prison and free Yoshi! Yipee!

[picture of Mario at the History Test]

[page 13]


For Technical Support in the USA:
The Software Toolworks, Inc.
60 Leveroni Court
Novato, CA 94949
Telephone: (415) 883-5157
Fax: (415) 883-0367

[page 14]
[warrenty information]

[end of manual]

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