Mario Teaches Typing (PC)
PC: Mario Teaches Typing

Release dates

Australia November 23rd, 1991
Europe December 1st, 1991
Japan March 8th, 1991
N.America November 13th, 1991


General information

Platform: Personal computer

Developed by Interplay productions

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player




Mario Teaches Typing was an edutainment title released on the PC and MAC intended to teach the user how to type, but sprinkle on some Mario
to make the learning less painful.

The player can choose to play as either Mario, Luigi or Princess Toadstool, two pairs of hands are shown throughout which indicate which fingers
should be used for each keystroke. If an error is made the cursor will not move along until the correct letter has been pressed. When time runs out the exercise ends and stats of how well the player did are shown on the chalkboard with their stats.


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