Mario Super Sluggers (Wii) Artwork featuring all the Team Captains & Players
Mario Super Sluggers Official Artwork

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Team Captains: Character Art

Birdo with baseball glow


Bowser With Baseball Bat

Bowser holding his spiked club

Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr

Daisy Trying To Catch Ball

Princess Daisy trying to catch the ball


Donkey Kong Eating Banana

Donkey Kong eating a Banana

Luigi Carrying baseball Balls

Luigi trying to carry a little too much equipment and dropping all the balls!

Mario Catching Ball Diddy Kong  Juggling  With Baseball Balls
Mario catching the ball Diddy Kong juggling three balls
Peach With Baseball Bat Wario Catching Baseball Ball
Batter-up Peach! Wario catching the ball

Waluigi Watching The Ball

Waluigi looks daunted by something.


Yoshi Juggling With Bat And Ball

Yoshi balancing not only his bat, but a ball on his back too.


Team players

Baby Diasy Baby Donkey Kong
Baby Daisy Baby Donkey Kong
Baby Luigi Baby Mario
Baby Luigi Baby Mario
Baby Peach King K Rool
Baby Peach King K. Rool
Kritter Petey Piranha
Kritter Petey Piranha
Tiny Kong Dancing Happy Wiggler
Tiny Kong Dancing Wiggler

King Boo

King Boo




Pianta Dancing

A Dancing Pianta


Toad Smiling


Shy Guy Wondering Something

Shy Guy

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