Mario & Sonic: Winter Olympics (Wii) Artwork including Team Sonic and Team Mario characters
Rendered Artwork

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games logo small

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General Character Artwork

Amy Rose Blaze The Cat
Amy Rose Blaze the Cat
Bowser With Arms Crossed Bowser Jr Ready for Dinner
Bowser with his arms folded Bowser Jr ready for trouble
Donkey Kong Posing
Donkey Kong giving the thumbs up
Dr Eggman Metal Sonic
Dr. Eggman Metal Sonic
Knuckles the Echinda
Luigi Posing Mario Posing
Luigi Mario
Miles Tails Prower Waving
Princess Diasy Princess Peach Pose
Princess Daisy Princess Peach
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog Pointing at Himself
Sonic the Hedgehog
Vector The Crocodile Silver The Hedgehog
Vector the Croc Silver the Hedgehog
Wario Showing Muscles


Yoshi Dancing



Snow Spirits

Blizza Cuby
Blizza Cuby
Frosty Icy
Frosty Icy
Pola Sparky
Pola Sparky


Team Mario

Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr ready to mount his sleigh


Bowser on Snowboard

Bowser snowboarding


Donkey Kong On Snowboard

Donkey Kong snowboarding


Luigi Skiing

Luigi Skiiing

Luigi Skiing

Luigi launching himself using his ski's

Mario Skiing

Mario Skiiing.

Mario Skiing

Mario launching himself during Skiing

Diasy Skiing

Princess Daisy Skiing

Princess Peach Skiing

Princess Peach showing off her Skiing madskillz. A true showboater.

Princess Peach Ice Skating

Princess Peach Ice Skating.

Waluigi Ice Skating

Waluigi ice skating

Yoshi Snowboarding

Yoshi snowboarding

Wario Curling

Wario curling.


Yoshi Ice Skating

Yoshi Ice Skating

Yoshi On Snowboard

Yoshi Snow Boarding


Team Sonic

Amy Rose Ice Skating

Amy Rose Ice Skating

Amy Rose Skiing

Amy Rose Skiiing

Blaze the Cat ice skating

Blaze the Cat Ice Skating


Blaze the Cat nordic skiing

Blaze the Cat Nordic Skiing

Doctor Eggman Playing Curling

Dr Eggman, who for some reason reminds me of Wario in this shot, curling.

Knuckles the Echidna Playing ICe Hockey Knuckles the Echidna on Snowboard
Knuckles playing ice hockey Knuckles snowboarding

Metal Sonic Ice Skating

Metal Sonic Ice Skating


Miles Tails Prower Ski Jumping

Tails Skiing

Shadow the Hedgehog skiing

Shadow Skiing

Silver the Hedgehog on snowboard

Silver the Hedhehog snowboarding

Sonic The Hedgehog On Snowboard

Sonic snowboarding

Vector The Crocodile Skiing

Vector the Croc skiing

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