Mario Party 8 (Wii) Artwork including characters, logos, scenes and more.
Rendered Artwork

Mario Party 8 English Logo

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General images and logos


Group Picture

A Group Artwork featuring characters from Mario Party 8


Lapanese Logo

The Japanese Logo for Mario Party 8


Dice Block

The dice block.


Character Artwork

Diasy Posing Peach With Hands Raised
Princess Daisy Princess Peach
Toad Smiling Yoshi Pose
Toad looking joyful Yoshi
Waluigi looking errr.. about the same as usual

Luigi Looking In Distance

Luigi looking out for something

Mario With Hands Raised Jammer Bro Throwing Hammer
Mario raising his arms Hammer Bro

Birdo posing

Birdo winking



A Giant Blooper squid



A Boo.

Dry Bones Walking

Dry Bones

Satisfied Luigi Walking Happy Mario
Luigi walking Mario walking
Princess Peach Waving Happy Toad
Peach waving Toad walking
Waluigi Throwing Bob Omb  
Waluigi throwing a Bob-omb  

Scared Toadette Running From Something

Toadette running, perhaps to keep up with the guys who are walking!


Wario Holding Coins

Wario holding a stack of gold coins


Sad Yoshi

Yoshi running

Angry Bowser


Chain Chomp

Chain Chomp

Donkey kong With Tie

Donkey Kong

Fly Guys

Fly Guys



Blue Space Bowser Space
Blue Space Bowser Space
Challenge Space DK Space
Challenge space DK Space
Happening Space Lucky Space
Happening space Lucky space
Red Space  
Red space  

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