Mario Party 4 Mini-Game Guide
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Mario Party 4 (Gamecube) - Mini-Game Guide



2v2 Mini-Games

The Great Deflate
Game Rules: Do ground pounds on the inflated Thowp repeatedly to deflate it.
Controls: A+A-Ground Pound
Advice: Time your jumps with your partner to deflate the Thowp faster.

Game Rules: Press the corresponding buttons to redirect the Bom-ombs. Blow the other team up 10 times to win.
Controls: Control Stick- Move, A- Press Button
Advice: Explosions stop you from moving for a little while, so when those buttons light up, get to them quickly.

Right Oar Left
Game Rules: Be the first to pilot the Dorrie Boat out of the cave.
Controls: B+A- Forward, A- Row Right, B-Row Left
Advice: The right oar turns you left. The left oar turns you right. Avoid the flames and get out of there!

Game Rules: Don't let the snowy winds blow you off the face as you climb. Grab hold when the wind and the rumble start to pick up!
Controls: A-Hold On, Control Stick-Move
Advice: If the rumble feature is set to OFF a "!!" will appear when the wind picks up to tell you when to hold on.

Team Treasure Trek
Game Rules: Find the "?" blocks that match your teams color. Once you and your partner have found each block, you must meet each other in the maze.
Controls: Control Stick-Move, X/Y-Hide/Display Map
Advice: The 2 players on the left are the red team and the 2 on the right are the blue team. If you get lost, check your map.

Game Rules: This is a coin-collecting bonus game. Teams cooperate in a boat and parachute to get all the coins they can.
Controls: Boat Driver: Control Stick-Move, A-Speed Up, B- Slow Down
Parachute Sailor: Control Stick- Move
Advice: Going slower means the parachute will sink lower. The driver of the boat must avoid the obstacles in the water.

Order Up
Game Rules: Toad will order items that you must find in the boxes before the other team. First to 3 pts. wins.
Controls: Control Stick-Move, A-Open a Box
Advice: Before the boxes come down, try to memorize the order of items in the circle.

Dungeon Duos
Game Rules: Help your teammate to clear all the obstacles in this dark dungeon.
Controls: A-Jump, B- Move Lever, Y-Rotate a Platform, X- Rotate a Platform, Control Stick-Move, L/R-Fill Balloon with air.
Advice: Work with your teammate to escape smoothly so you don't waste time.

Cheep Cheep Sweep
Game Rules: Catch the Cheep Cheeps in your net. Red Cheep Cheeps are worth 1 point and yellow ones are worth 2 points
Controls: Control Stick- Move, A-Catch, B-Empty the net
Advice: Your net can hold up to three cheep cheeps. Approach slowly so you don't scare them away.



Battle Mini-Games

Trace Race
Game Rules: Trace the colored line on the ground. Whoever stays closest to the original line wins!
Controls: Control Stick to move
Advice: If no one scores more than 30 points we'll call it a tie. Try to get 100 you guys.

Rumble Fishing
Game Rules: Be the first player to reel in the Cheep Cheep! Whoever reels it in the fastest wins.
Controls: A to reel it in
Advice: When you feel a rumble or see a "!!" press the button as quick as you can.

Chain Chomp Fever
Game Rules: Watch out for the Chain Chomp and Lava Cracks! And don't fall off the side either.
Controls: Control Sick to move
Advice: The Chain Chomp only moves straight so watch where its headed and get out of the way.

Bowser's Bigger Blast
Game Rules: Players press the switches one by one, try not to be the one who sets off the bomb.
Controls: Control Stick- Move, R- Press the switch
Advice: If you change your mind, you have 5 seconds to choose another switch

Butterfly Blitz
Game Rules: Catch the butterflies fluttering about. Make sure to catch the most!
Controls: Control Stick-Move, A- Swipe Net Upwards, B-Swipe Net Sideways
Advice: Butterflies of different colors have different values. Yellow is 1 point, Red is 2, and Blue is 3.

Paths of Peril
Game Rules: Walk the narrow path without falling to reach the goal.
Controls: Control Stick-Move
Advice: If you run carelessly you will surely fall. Be careful, and keep your cool.



Bowser Mini-Games

Darts of Doom
Game Rules: Throw three darts at once and try to get points. But the board will be spinning so it won't be easy. The three cursors show where the darts will hit so pay attention. The sum of the three areas your darts hit is your total score. The player with the least points, gets ROASTED.
Controls: A-Throw Darts
Advice: If you get a bull's-eye, your toast also.

Fruits of Doom
Game Rules: Bowser will say which fruits he wants to eat. Then you must find the right fruit and bring it to him. If you bring Bowser a fruit he didn't ask for or if you bring more than he asked for, then you lose.
Controls: Control Stick-Move, A- Choose a fruit
Advice: When Bowser says what he wants, he'll go slow at first but then he'll speed it up and you won't see what he says so after the first 4 or 5 fruits are given, you'll have to guess.

Balloon of Doom
Game Rules: Blow up Bowser's balloon real big-like. Just ground pound on the pump to inflate the balloon. The higher your jump, the more air gets pumped into the balloon.
Controls: A+A- Ground Pound
Advice: If you over inflate the balloon or if you don't pump at all, your TOAST! So get pumping!

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