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Mario Party 3 (Nintendo 64) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Mario Party 3 (Nintendo 64)


Bonus mini-games:
Complete the game in story mode to unlock the Backtracks and Waluigi's Island mini-games in party mode.


Classic saved game names:
Create a new saved file, but do not enter a name. The game will name the file after a classic Nintendo character.


Easy coins:
Roll doubles on the dice after using a mushroom for ten coins.


Easy mini-games:
To unlock the regular mini-games easily, save the game after a turn. If the game selects a mini-game that is new to you, play it. If not, reset the game and try again.


Face on Mt. Mariomore:
Complete story mode with any character to place his or her face on Mt. Mariomore.


Miracle Star:
Earn a S rank more than 8 times on the duel and board levels.


Super hard difficulty:
Complete the game in story mode on the hard difficulty. The super hard difficulty setting will be unlocked in story and party modes.

Press L during the game to hear your character's taunt. You can only do this while on game board, but not in mini-games.


If you know about any cheats we don't have, or you have some tips not listed below please let us know and we will add them, crediting the submitter.