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Mushroom Cup

Kalimari Desert,
This is a simple desert track, watch you don't get run over by the train.
Track length: 753 metres
Koopa Troopa Beach,
This track has some cool shortcuts on it, dedicated to Koopa Troopa, who had his Kart stolen by Wario.
Track length: 691 metres
Luigi Raceway,
Standard racetrack, probably the easier in the game, no real obstacles here just a straight race.
Track length: 717 metres
Moo Moo Farm,
As the name suggests your racing round a big farm, Beware of mega moles jumping out of the ground
Track length: 527 metres


Flower Cup

Choco mountain,
This track isnt as sweet as it sounds though, there's some tough turns and boulders drop from the sky at some points.
Track length: 687 metres
Frappe Snowland,
Tough course, banks of snow at the side slow you down a lot, aswell as snowmen, who make you crash completely.
Track length: 734 metres
Toads Turnpike,
This has a standard figure of eight layout and crash barriers to prevent traffic leaving the course. As the map progresses more traffic occurs - drive carefully!
Track length: 1,036 metres
Mario Raceway,
Grand prix style track, there are many sharp curves on this map, powersliding will be very useful on here. Good kart skills are needed on this track.
Track length: 567 metres


Star Cup

Bowsers Castle,
This deadly track is surrounded by lava and kindly hosted by good old Bowser.
Track length: 567metres
Royal Raceway,
The setting for this track is around the castle grounds of Peach's castle!
Track length: 1,025 metres
Sherbet Land,
Formerly known as Vanilla lake, this racecourse is based on a Frozen lake! Don't try this at home
Track length: 756 metres
Wario Stadium,
This course consists of mounds of dirt and mud, like Wario, its pretty rough, with jumps and drops all over it.
Track length: 1,591 metres


Special Cup

Banshee Boardwalk,
Similar to Ghost Valley from SMK, except this time suspended over a haunted lake, lots of places to fall off.
Track length: 747 metres
Yoshi Valley,
This course is no easier than it looks on the picture, narrow roads, most of which dont have barriers, over a deep valley.
Track length: 772 metres
DK's Jungle Parkway,
This is of course set in DonkeyKongs home jungle, you race through the jungle and alongside a riverbank. Huge boost-jumps on this.
Track length: 893 metres
Rainbow Road,
This huge rainbow track in the sky has some great jumps, huge Chomp things and bombs will get in your way on this track. Only the most skilled kart racers reach this legendary track.
Track length: 2,000 metres


Battle mode

Big Donut
This battle arena is based on a ring donut floating on a pool of lava, use the sections of wall to protect yourself from enemy weapons.
Double Deck
This track at first glance doesn't appear particularly big, but its like three levels layered on top of one another, difficult to tell which level your opponent is on.
Block Fort
This arena is not your standard flat arena, there are three height levels. Taking over the top of a block and sitting there with a heatseeker is a good tactic here.
Falling of the top of this huge Sky scraper will cause you to lose a balloon, and you'll probably be in hospital for a while too

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