Mario Kart 64 Playable Characters
Sound effects / music

Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64) - Playable Characters

A table of the characters available to play as in Mario Kart 64 is below! poor Koopa Troopa.


After deciding he sucked at platform games Bowser tried his luck at Karting.
Peach is one of the faster racers, in top speed and acceleration, the only female playable character.
Our beloved monkey DK even participates in MK64
Well.. Whys Toad racing? because everyone else is, the loyal tag along couldn't be left behind!
Luigi is racing on a seperate team to Mario, maybe this time the spotlight will be on him
Beat up Koopa Troopa and stole his kart to participate in Mario Kart 64
Does this guy really need an intro? Mario & Luigi have practically identical Karts attributes on speed and turning and acceleration etc.
Yoshi the loyal pet of Mario and host of the most difficult track in the game, Yoshi Valley.

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