Mario is Missing (SNES) Review by mikespags
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Mario is Missing (SNES) Review

Ok to start off, this game is the most boring and repetitive game in the world.

All you do is go to little booths and talk to the princess, then answer a history question. If you get it wrong just try again, and again, and again. Eventually you will just not care anymore.

Gameplay - 5/10 - The game play is not good, but it is also not bad. It's very basic and controls are simple enough for a monkey to play. Now the bad part is that it isn't really a Mario game. All you do is answer history questions, which should be left for a school to make you do, not a video game. You wont have any control problems but you will have problems with...

Audio - 1/10 - Annoying, that's all that I have to say. Just turn down the volume and turn on your favourite band, because you will go nuts with this music.

Graphics - 4/10 - Super Nintendo quality graphics, but the backgrounds are extremely repetitive. The same 3 houses back drop will pass you by several times, and all the characters look bad. Mario is the most enhanced of all the characters, and he's in the end of the game.

Luigi searching for Mario, while Mario is kidnapped by Bowser in the background

Story - 1/10 - Mario is missing! Luigi is off to save his brother. And YOU have to answer history questions to get him back. At least you get to see a couple of good cities in this game. But all in all this shouldn't even be classified as a story.

Replayability - 2/10 - If you happen to get through this game once, my guess is that you will lock it in a cupboard and never look at it again. But if you like this game, you can play it as long as you want.

To buy or to rent? - Neither - Not even worth the cartridge that it is in. That game pack could have been used for a great game like Contra III, but it had to be Mario is missing. My advise is to leave Mario where ever he is, because you do not want to go through the trouble of finding him.

Last Thought - If you actually can get through this game once, I commend you for your bravery... as my good friend Zidane Trabal said ''An experience that should not be remembered.''

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