Mario Bros Online Manual (Atari 2600)

Mario Bros (Atari 2600) Game Manual

MARIO BROS. Atari 2600 Game Manual

by Nintendo (c) 1983

NOTE: Make sure to always turn OFF the console POWER switch when inserting orremoving an ATARI Game Program (tm) cartridge. This will protect theelectronic components and prolong the life of your ATARI Video ComputerSystem (tm) game.


How can the carpenter Mario and his brother Luigi take a bath when there nests of crawling creature blocking the water pipes? The brothers are both hopping mad as caused by the havoc.

Help the Mario Brothers knock off the pipe pests off the floors and into a puddle of water below. Earn points with each pest you knocked down. You can only progress to the next level only after knocking down all the troublesome pests. You start the game with 5 lives and earn extra lives every 20,000 points.

Press the controller button to jump from floor to floor, whilst Mario or Luigi is running either to right or left. Press the button when Mario or Luigi is standing still to jump straight up.

[picture of screen. Important information: Mario is red, Luigi is green,
Mario's score is at the top of the screen, Luigi's is at the bottom. The
round number is at the bottom center of the screen]

[pictures of pests. The turtle is called Shellcreeper. The crab is
called Sidestepper. The bug is called Fighterfly. The square thing is a
wafer. The pyramid shaped thing that melts is called Slipice.]


Knock off a pest through punching the floor directly beneath a pest to flip it’s back and then jumping up the floor and kick the pest off before it charged back at you. The following are the pipe dwelling pests:

Shellcreepers: Hitting it once from below, then kicking it off the floor before it recovers will eliminate the pest.

Sidesteppers: Sidesteppers are difficult to defeat. The first time you hit once, it becomes enrages and moves faster than before. Hit it again to flip over.

Fighterflies: Fighterflies hop from one section of the floor to another; it need to be touching the floor before you could flip it.


When a pest if kicked off a floor a wafer comes out of the water pipe. This must be collected to earn 800 extra points.

At certain periods during the game the pests disappear and a coin phase begins. During a coin phase the screen is filled with dangling coins;you are only given 15 seconds to collect as many coins you can handle. A timerat the bottom of the screen counts down the seconds can be seen to monitor your time.


The POW switch is located on your screen between the two lowest floors(see Figure 1, yeah right, there are no pictures here, so look at yourcomputer screen. It is that thick block hanging in mid air near thebottom of the screen? The one you can not jump on. Now weare in business). If Mario or Luigi hits the POW switch, it delivers apunch to all the pests on the screen. Use the POW switch before it disappears. You will receive a new POW switch every ten rounds.


Slipice is an evil iceman who freezes floors into slippery ice. Punch him from below before he can even freeze the floor. Kick him as he melts into the floor. You only encounter him in higher levels of the game.


Avoid blazing-hot fireballs that can fry Mario or Luigi into crisps. Jump over them or jump to another game level.


In two-player games one gamer play as Mario whilst the other one plays Luigi. You can choose to cooperate with each other; one player will be the one punching the pipe-pest while the other gamer kicks pests off the floors. Also, you can compete with one another and see who will obtain the highest score. Beware of sneak attacks—your opponent may punch a pest back onto its feet just before
you're about to kick it off a floor!


In eight game variations of MARIO BROS. you can select the numberof players, the number of lives, and the occurances of fireballs. (Seechart below for more details.)

In the two-player version, Mario's score and lives remaining shows atthe top of the screen; Luigi's score and lives remaining shows at thebottom of the screen.

| | | | |
| Game | Number of Players | Fireballs | Number of Lives |
| | | | |
| 1 | 1 | yep | 5 |
| | | | |
| 2 | 2 | yep | 5 |
| | | | |
| 3 | 1 | nope | 5 |
| | | | |
| 4 | 2 | nope | 5 |
| | | | |
| 5 | 1 | yep | 3 |
| | | | |
| 6 | 2 | yep | 3 |
| | | | |
| 7 | 1 | nope | 3 |
| | | | |
| 8 | 2 | nope | 3 |


To choose a skill level, press GAME SELECT. To return to the game option scree during game play, press the GAME RESET. The DIFFICLUTY and TV TYPE switches have no function in the game.


Plug one controller into the LEFT CONTROLLER jack for one-player game. For two-player game plug a second controller into the RIGHT CONTROLLER jack. Hold the controller with the red fire button to your upper left,
toward the television scree.

To start a game, press the red button on the left controller.

You can use the joystick to turn Mario or Luigi right or left and use the redcontroller button to make Mario or Luigi jump.


| | |
| | POINTS |
| | |
| Kicking a pest off a floor: | 800 |
| | |
| Kicking the iceman (Slipice) off a floor: | 800 |
| | |
| Bonus Wafer: | 800 |
| | |
| Bonus coin: | 800 |
| | |
| Punching the iceman (Slipice): | 500 |


* Use the POW switch only when there is more than one pest on the screen.

* Watch out for the last pest on the screen--it will speed up and will be harder to punch.

* Try to hit a Sidestepper two times as quickly as possible. If you'renot fast it will scurry off to a different level before you manage to flip it.

* Learn the fastest routs to pick up coins during a coin phase

* Earn more points for kicking rather than punching Slipice. Slipice always stops on the lowest unfrozen floor. Wait for him to halt, thenkick him off before he freezes the floor.

And of course, this game was made by ATARI in 1983. And this game manualwas typed by me! I am Eddie Beiles. I can be reached if you have any questions about this game manual. Oryou can email me and thank me for typing it in. Anyway, enjoy the gameand this wonderfully typed in manual.

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