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This week we've seen five new screenshots of the new Super Smash Bros, hot off the press from the directors room of Sakurai Masahiro! (on Miiverse)


  • The main revelation of course being Lumiose City being a playable arena which should be a crowd pleaser particularly for fans of the Pokemon series; this stage for those who don't know is from Pokemon X/Y.
  • We also saw Little Mac, who appears to be trying to move up a few weight brackets prior to his next fight, or potentially he is just trying to collect all of the Mario McDonald's Happy Meal toys in quick succession?
  • On the 12th of March we got a Wii U screenshot showing one of the special attacks; Zelda's Din's Fire, and from the comment from Sakurai it looks like this could be a beast of an attack.
  • On the 13th of March curiosity killed the Kong when he discovered a Tiny Motion Sensor Bomb.
  • And on the 14th of March Villager finally baited Wii Fit Trainer back to his place. (3DS Screenshot)

Source: Miiverse


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