Game & Watch Gallery 2 (Game Boy Color) game info, videos, trivia & more.
Game & Watch Gallery 2

Game & Watch Gallery 2 title screen

Release dates

Australia Unconfirmed
Europe December 1st, 1998
Japan September 27th, 1997
N.America November 13th, 1998
General information
Platform: Game Boy Colour
Developed by Nintendo R&D1
Published by Nintendo
Players: Single-player

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Game & Watch Gallery 2 is a compilation of old Game & Watch titles from the 80's, this second compilation in the Game & Watch Gallery series features five titles which are as below:-

The basic premise of this game pack is that the minigames are played in one of two different modes, classic and modern mode. The classic mode is the original version of the game, and the modern mode has the Mario characters integrated into them.

  • Parachute: In this game, Mario must catch many different characters such as DK Jr, Toad, and others in his rowboat as they fall from the sky wearing parachutes.

  • Ball: This is the unlockable game. You essentially take control of Mario, Wario Bowser, or Yoshi as you try to keep different balls in the air by juggling.

  • Chef: In this game you play as Princess Peach. Her job is to catch the food that is thrown by Mario and Luigi, flip it off of her pan, and then feed them to a very hungry Yoshi.

  • Helmet: This game has Mario and Wario don some helmets so that they can rush around the map and recover coins. However, there are objects falling from the sky. Watch out!

  • Donkey Kong: This game is an interesting remake of the original that uses Princess Peach instead of the original Pauline.

  • Vermin: In this game, you must protect eggs from being attacked by all manner of different Mario game villains. There are fly guys, boos, and many others that are looking to crush the eggs.

These classic Game & Watch titles are bought back with easier controls, brighter colours and better sound than ever before.


Mario, DK, Wario, Yoshi, Bowser, Peach and Toad in Game & Watch Gallery 2 artwork


 Nintendo eShop Description

Game & Watch Gallery 2 was re-released for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on May 24th, 2012 for a price of $3.99 USD or your countries local equivalent, the re-release description is below:-

Original and updated versions of five Game & Watch™ hand-held games.

With the second of the Game & Watch Gallery series, you can enjoy five different games in both their original and revised versions.

Classic versions will take you back to the ’80s and a simpler time in video games. Modern versions feature your favorite characters with improved play control, color and sound effects.

In Parachute, you must rescue the parachutists. In Helmet, don’t get hit in the head. In Chef, flip up a gourmet meal. In Vermin, whack the enemies. In Donkey Kong™, rescue your kidnapped sweetie.

This game is only playable in 2D.

Mario has a near miss with a hammer in Helmet

 Gallery Unlockables

With every collection of different stars, you will have the ability to gain different additions to your gallery.

Stars Unlocked
5 A new music room
10 You will have Donkey Kong added to your museum
15 You will unlock classic Ball
20 The museum will now feature oil panic
25 You will unlock a new game: Modern Ball
30 You will have a greenhouse unlocked in your museum.
35 You will have Modern Ball with Mario added to your game gallery.
40 You will have the lifeboat added to your museum
45 The Modern Ball game will now have Wario as a featured character
50 You will unlock the credits as well as Donkey Kong Jr. placed into your museum.
55 You will gain additional music tracks
60 The museum will now have access to tropical fish
70 The museum will feature a rain shower
80 The museum will have a new place for Spitball Sparky.
100 The new game of modern Ball will have Bowser added to it.

You will unlock the cast credits


Videos - Gameplay, Trailers & Commercials


A video showing the game play of Game & Watch Gallery 2 on the Game Boy by Benni Castellanos.


The trailer for Game & Watch Gallery 2 released in May 2012 for the games Nintendo eShop re-release on 3DS Virtual Console.



  • The original art for the box features a baby Yoshi playing the game of Vermin. Princess Peach and Donkey Kong feature a unique style and are seen playing different games.

  • The Yoshi that is in the game is different from the one that is featured on the box set. Notably, the in-game Yoshi is Orange, but the Green Yoshi is on the box.

  • Once you have beaten the game and earned 50 stars, you can see the game credits at any time by pressing the control panel and A. If you have gotten to this point, though, it may be wise time to pick up another Mario game.

Princess Peach looks focused as she flips some gourmet delights in Chef.


All things considered, this game was a very strong entry into the Game and Watch series. The games are fun and varied, but sometimes are too simple to keep modern gamers interested. The music was strong and the graphics were average for their time. The integration of Mario on this Game Boy title only made it stronger and may have made it more acceptable than if the games were merely released on their own. Nintendolife, one of the first reviewers of the title, gave it a strong 8 out of 10, a fair evaluation of the game.


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