Dr. Mario (NES) - Viruses and Strategy Guide
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Dr. Mario (NES) - Viruses & Strategy Guide


Types of Viruses

Red Virus The red virus is defeated by placing a row of three red vitamin pills just above it.
Yellow Virus The yellow virus is defeated by placing a row of three yellow vitamin pills just above it.
Blue Virus This virus is defeating by placing three blue vitamin pills above it.


Strategy and Tips

Think Ahead
Frequently scan the area to familiarize yourself with all the colour combinations in your playing field. If you always have a good idea of what you need and where you need to put it, placing pills will be more manageable than working in the ER

Preventive Medicine
When figuring out where to place a pill, plan ahead by taking a quick peek at Mario in the upper-right corner of the screen. The good doctor will have your next vitamin on display, so take your follow-up pill into account when making your move

By scoring combos, you'll drop ill segments (two to four, depending on the size of your combo) on your opponent. Whenever your rival dumps garbage on you, take out the trash immediately before more mismatched pieces pile up

Stubborn Viruses
If there's no room to stack vitamins on top of a virus, stand the pills on end and place them side by side until you've created a row of matching colours. The technique works best at the bottom of your bottle since you won't have to worry about the colour of the pills' top halves or where they'll fall

Keep Track of Colour
When placing a vitamin vertically, always bear in mind the colour of its upper half. Use it to your advantage so that it falls and completes a combo

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