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A retro gaming guide for #SuperMarioLand on the #Gameboy by Benni Castellanos.

Dr. Mario Game Manual (NES)

Dr. Mario (NES) - Game Manual


Dr. Mario Online Manual

FROM DR. MARIO: “Hello, everyone! How are you doing? My name is Mario. I used to be wild and adventurous a long time ago. Successfully, I now work in a research lab at the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital. I will begin with my research today as usual.”

Nurse Toadstool: Dr. Mario, something terrible has happened!
Dr. Mario: What's wrong, nurse Toadstool?
Nurse Toadstool: One of the experiments has gone out of control. The viruses are spreading quickly!
Dr. Mario: Oh no! We've got to do something! I have just developed a new vitamin that should be able to take care of it. I sure hope this stuff works!

*For 1 player game use controller 1.
*For 2 player game use controller 1 and 2.

Controller 1/ Controller 2

[Diagram of NES controller]

A Button:
*Rotates vitamin capsules to the right (clockwise).

B Button:
*Rotates vitamin capsules to the left (counter clockwise).

Control Pad:
Pressing left or right:
*Moves vitamin capsules left and right.

Pressing down:
*Pressing down drops vitamin capsule down quickly.

Select Button:
*Moves cursor on the title screen.

Start Button:
*Starts the game
*Pauses and unpauses during game play.

STARTING THE GAME: You may select which mode you’ll be playing using the Select button. You may pick the 1 or 2 players then press the start button to move to the menu screen.

[Picture of menu screen]

Virus Level: The higher the level is, the larger the numbers of viruses are. Using the control pad you can move the arrow mark.

Speed: Control the speed of the vitamin capsules’ drop. Select from LOW, MID, and HIGH.

Music Type: There are two different sound selection: FEVER and CHILL, or you could chose  to turn the music OFF.
*After making your selections, press the Start button to begin playing.
Note: In the 2 player mode, both players set their options as they wish.
You can use this to give one player a handicap.

HOW TO ELIMINATE VIRUSES: To rotate the vitamin capsules as they drop use the A or B button. Match 4 same colored capsule in vertical or horizontal row. Doing that will make the capsule disappear and eliminate the viruses.

Example 1:
*Four of the same color is in a vertical row. These four will disappear, taking with them the virus.
Example 2:
*Four of the same color is in a horizontal row. These four disappear, but the virus remains because it is a different color.

Types of vitamin capsules and viruses.
*There are six types of vitamin capsules:
Red\Red Blue\Blue Yellow\Yellow
Red\Blue Blue\Yellow Yellow\Red

There are three colors of viruses:
Red Blue Yellow

Advice from Dr. Mario...
*Mastering continuous capsule elimination.
*This is what we call continuous capsule elimination. It doesn't just have to be two rows or two columns. You can eliminate three, four, or even more (very important game scheme in the 2-player game)!

*Dr. Mario destroys viruses by throwing vitamin capsules into the contaminated bottle. When all of the viruses in a bottle are extinguished, you move on to the next stage. However, if the bottle gets filled all the way to the top, the game ends.

[Picture of game screen]

*Your receive points when you destroy a virus. Nevertheless, the points depend upon the SPEED setting and the number of viruses destroyed spontaneously.

Number of destroyed viruses| LOW | MED | HI |
1 | 100 | 200 | 300 |
2 | 200 | 400 | 600 |
3 | 400 | 800 | 1200 |
4 | 800 | 1600 | 2400 |
5 | 1600 | 3200 | 4800 |
6 | 3200 | 6400 | 9600 |

Advice from Dr. Mario...
* Watch the title screen for a while. It will show you a demonstration game that may help you get the hang of the game play.
* Every time youclear level 5, 10, 15, or 20 you will see something special, but it must be through the MED or HIGH level.
*The drop speed of the vitamin capsules increases slightly after every 10 capsules.
*At the beginning of the game, it’ll be better if you try to align the vitamin capsules flat rather than on their ends.


*Both players will have a bottle on the screen. The first player to destroy all of their viruses wins and receives a crown. A player can also win a game if the other player's bottle fills up to the top.

*Who earns three crowns first wins the game set.

[Picture of game screen]

Advice from Dr. Mario...
*Eliminate two or more rows or columns at once and some random pieces will fall down on your opponents screen. One piece will fall for every row or column you eliminate (from two to four). The maximum drop is four pieces, even you drop more rows or columns.