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Dr. Luigi (Wii U)

Doctor Luigi on Wii U


Release dates

Australia January 15th, 2014
Europe January 15th, 2014
Japan January 15th, 2014
N.America December 21st, 2013

General information

Platform: Wii U / eShop

Developed by Arika

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player, Multi-player (with online play)



The Doctors Practise is once again opening up in the Nintendo World, this time in the form of Dr. Luigi for the Wii U. It was said that Mario lost his license as it was found he was not actually a qualified doctor. It's gameplay is basically the same as its Mario themed predecessor, Dr. Mario on the SNES (Which was released 23 years prior - in 1990! Does that make anyone else feel seriously old?) though this time it utilises the considerably greater hardware specs of the Wii U to bring us the same gameplay in beautiful HD; and of course.


So for those of you who might be unfamiliar with this series, the basic idea is to stack megavitamins together to kill off the viruses in the tube. The megavitamins once in a row of four or more (of the same colour) will neutralise the surrounding viruses. Work quickly to eliminate all the viruses before they multiply again!


As well as the above classic mode of virus elimination, theres also a new mode called "Operation L" in which you have to stack L-Shaped pills instead of the classic Megavitamins, another little celebration of the 2013-2014 Year of Luigi.


Another difference between Dr. Mario (SNES) and Dr. Luigi (Wii U) is that the combo system is different.

  • In Dr. Mario if a player gets a combo the opponent gets dealt two half-megavitamins to slow down their progress

  • In Dr. Luigi when the player gets a combo their opponent will still have a full size megavitamin but in an alternate colour (Which might not necessarily always hurt their progress)

In addition to this, like in Dr. Mario Online Rx (Wii, 2008) once the player beats the 20th level at high speed in all modes except multiplayer the game will then roll its credits.


The Dr. Luigi (Wii U) Title screen


A summary of the game modes available in Dr. Luigi U

  • Operation L, a special mode dedicated to Luigi with L shaped megavitamins, as mentioned above.

  • Retro Remedy mode, with only normal megavitamins at your disposal you need to take down the virus infestation in the bottle by neutralising viruses with vitamins that share their colour (pink virus, killed by pink vitamin for example). This was the classic Dr. Mario game mode.

  • Virus buster mode: Utilises the touch screen of the Wii U gamepad, as the game progresses you get two megavitamins, then in its latter stages you get three.

  • Online multiplayer mode - this is the most exciting one for me, you can do battle with friends and foes around the world in either Retro Remedy or Operation L game modes. Much like the Wii's Dr. Mario Online RX title.

The Dr. Luigi Game Mode selection screen (Wii U)


Trivia & Facts about Dr. Luigi (Wii U)

  • You will recognise some of the soundtracks in Dr. Luigi from Dr. Mario Online Rx (Wii, 2008)

  • The games name in Japanese is ドクタールイジ·ウイルスバスター or Dokutā Ruiji & Uirusu Basutā which roughly translates to Dr. Luigi & Virus Buster

  • The "purple" virus is called Magenta, and is the first female virus in the series! Girlvirus Powah!!
  • The Cyan Virus is called "Dizzy"
  • The Yellow Virus is called "Drowsy"

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